3 Smoothie Recipes for Spring | Get Healthy With Valentina

Hola Amigos! We know that fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins and minerals, yet we don't seem to eat enough of them. Celebrate these food groups now that spring is here. There is a great variety available, as well as several ways to prepare, cook, and serve them. This month, I've included three smoothie recipes, as well as one recipe for vegan pasta sauce.


Smoothie Recipes for Spring

Avocado Smoothie


  • ½ cup green tea  
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 cup green grapes
  • 1 cup  baby spinach


Puree everything with a blender and add water until smoothie reaches desired consistency. Enjoy.

Beet Smoothie


  • 150g raspberries
  • 1 head of red beets
  • 50ml of water
  • 2 tbsp. chia seeds


Puree everything with a blender and add more water to taste. Enjoy.

Green Smoothie


  • 1 hand full baby spinach
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 squeezed lime
  • 1 small bunch Fresh mint
  • 1 Green apple
  • 2 Kiwis


Puree everything with a blender. Enjoy.

Vegan Sauce for Pasta or Zoodles


  • ⅓ cup raw cashews
  • 2 tbsp. pine nuts
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 red or white onion
  • ½ cup vegetable broth or reserved pasta water
  • ⅓ cup fresh basil (lightly packed)
  • 2 cups pureed tomatoes
  • ¼ cup nutritional yeast
  • Sea Salt + Pepper to taste


Soak cashews and pine nuts in boiling water for 20 minutes while preparing the rest of the ingredients.  Sauté garlic and roughly chopped onions over medium high heat in vegetable broth or a bit of the starchy pasta water until the liquids are absorbed. Drain and rinse your nuts. Add the soaked cashews and pine nuts, sautéed garlic and onions, fresh basil, tomato sauce and nutritional yeast to the blender and blend until a thick and creamy sauce is formed. Add up to ½ cup of the starchy pasta water to the sauce if it is too thick. Taste and add sea salt and pepper to taste.

Warm the rose sauce over medium high heat and toss with the drained hot pasta . I added some steamed zucchini and sprinkle with hot pepper flakes and parsley. Enjoy!

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