Spotlight Series: Demo Hoti

Mark Twain was quoted saying that “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great,” and PumpUp member Hoti is, put simply, a great person. Hailing from Switzerland, Hoti’s incredibly active lifestyle led him to naturally gain around 50 lbs of muscle. His enthusiasm for motivating others on PumpUp has swept the community since he joined in June. You can read all about him on this week’s blog down below!


Hoti’s fitness journey had humble beginnings. Starting out at a weight of 125 lbs (57 kg) four years ago, he was frustrated that his thin build began to affect the way others treated him. “I was very very skinny. I was never taken seriously and was made fun of quite often,” recounts Hoti. “I was also dissatisfied with myself.” He stoked the flames of his passion for fitness, health, and wellness in order to become stronger, happier, and most importantly, confident.

With hard work and determination, Hoti naturally worked himself up to where he is today, weighing around 171 lbs (78 kg) give or take. However, his ambitions reach farther, as Hoti desires to gain a bit more muscle. This has been a welcome, although unanticipated transformation for him.  He admits, “I never would have expected such a drastic change. I thought that such a thing was only possible with doping.”


Hoti joined the PumpUp family eight weeks ago after learning about it from a friend. His purpose is modest but extraordinary: to help motivate the community to achieve their goals and to be inspired himself. “I want to reach you and move you to be the best you can be…we can start something big,” professes Hoti. “Everyone has what they need inside of them. There are no excuses. Those who want to achieve something will find ways. Those who don’t will find excuses.”

The Terminator—Arnold Scwazenegger—stands out as his biggest motivation.  “It is not my goal to look like Arnold though!,” laughs Hoti. “My goal is to have a natural, but aesthetic body.” His family and his girlfriend, who also maintains a similarly healthy active lifestyle, also motivate him. “Without them I would have never come so far,” says Hoti.


Workout Routine: Currently I work out 4 times a week—chest/triceps, legs, back/biceps, and shoulders and abs. At the moment I’m working on gaining lean muscle mass, but it can be hard! I do take minor supplements such as creatine. 

Favourite meals. I love rice with chicken! Each day I eat two smaller meals and three big ones—this doesn’t include shakes! Between meals I like to have oatmeal, peanut butter, fruit, and vegetables. I usually forgo soft drinks in favour of water, milk, and tea. I’m careful about my diet and the results have paid off quickly—but I’m not too strict. I cheat one day a week. It’s good for the metabolism and it helps to keep me motivated.


Fun facts about Hoti: I like to spend time with my girlfriend, family, and friends, and I also play soccer and basketball in my spare time. I love, live, and breathe sports! I could discuss everything about them and I’m compelled to practice them every day.  That being said, I also coach sometimes. I love to use my experience to help people be the best they can be.

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