Busy with a job involving a lot of travel and unusual work hours, Simmi skipped exercising altogether. “The challenge of motivation has been something I struggled to stick with,” she mentioned. “I thought that if I missed [the opening hours of the gym], there was no time to work out. I’d skip it in total. I was [also] big on carbs and sugars and I felt that these were the only ways to curb my cravings and make myself feel full.” 

With the help of PumpUp, Simmi found creative exercise options that fit her lifestyle. “I believe that the past 6 months have really been [an advantage to me] given the new options that the app has to offer,” she said. “PumpUp now helps me when I can’t think of a workout myself or new exercises. All I have to do is enter my timeframe, equipment, and what area I want to work out. This keeps my routines new and interesting, and it fits the lifestyle and the environment I have to ensure that I’m not missing out. Thanks to Australian Sports Nutrition, I also learned how to amend my diet."

By pairing regular exercise with a balanced diet, Simmi saw incredible results within a few short months. “It’s what brought the results quicker and more long term as well,” she insisted. “Use avenues such as PumpUp for motivation, advice, and support. These communities are something special with social media, I have never come across a negative comment on PumpUp to date which is rare in this day and age."

In the future, Simmi aspires to compete in a bikini or fitness competition. “From there, I’d be interested in further motivating other like-minded people to achieve their goals,” she shared. For now, Simmi leverages workout inspiration from PumpUp to achieve her current goals. "I am just greatly appreciative that this app creates diversity for my workouts,” she revealed. “It's as if I have my own personal trainer to help me push through those difficult days and switch up routines to maintain interest and progression."

Simmi’s Best Advice

Giving up is something everyone can so easily do. Make excuses and say you'll start tomorrow or the conditions aren't right today. PumpUp helps change that outlook and shows that when there's a will, there's a way. Always remember that results don't happen overnight and to never give up. It will all be worth it in the end, always reach for your goals.

Simmi’s Greatest Source of Motivation

My biggest motivation is Australian fitness model and power lifter Lauren Simpson, I have been lucky enough to meet Lauren in person at the Melbourne Arnold Expo and she is someone I aspire to be like. She is extremely humble, determined, and an all round nice person. She has all the time in the world for her supporters and supports us as equally in return. She is an inspiration to Australians alike as well as others interested in living healthy lifestyles as well as pushing their bodies limits in competitions to reach your goals even when people try to bring you down along the way.

More about Simmi

I am a Military Instructor in the Royal Australian Navy and have been a sailor since I was 18 years old.

Keep her pumped! Find her on PumpUp @simmilockhart and on Instagram @simmi.lockhart.