A year and a half ago, Jenny joined PumpUp and became inspired by the transformations she saw from members in the community. “Seeing PumpUp transformations gives me motivation to reach my own goals,” she insisted. “It’s easier to [stay on track] if we ask other people for help."

While Jenny played volleyball on a regular basis before she began her journey with PumpUp, she wasn’t careful about her eating habits. “I ate a lot of fast food and many all day, and I only drank soda,” she remembered. “I didn’t take care of myself. [When cravings struck], I went to search for junk food to eat."

With the help of the PumpUp community, Jenny changed her eating habits. “I eat lots of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and chicken,” she said. “I don’t drink soda anymore — just water and tea. I stopped eating candy, too. Overall, I’m eating healthier.”

What’s more, Jenny was inspired to explore other forms of exercise. “I go to the gym now, in addition to volleyball,” she revealed. “I do an hour of cardio at the gym and I’m focusing on training my legs and my core. In 4 months, I’ve lost fat and I’ve gained muscle.” 

Jenny’s Greatest Obstacle

It was difficult for me to change my attitude towards food because I love everything that is sweet. My boyfriend gave me the motivation to change this part of my life. It’s easier because healthy choices are now an almost automatic response.

Jenny’s Favourite Exercise

Volleyball is my passion and my life. I can stop thinking about everything because of volleyball.

More about Jenny

I am 25 years old and I work with children! I love exercise, animals, tattoos, horror movies, and travelling around the world. Ever since my father died, I realized that life can stop at any moment. I try to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Keep Jenny pumped! Find her on PumpUp @27jenny90 and on Instagram at @27jenjen90