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11 amazing photos from PumpUp's Scavenger Hunt

11 amazing photos from PumpUp's Scavenger Hunt


We challenged the PumpUp community to find items that fit the description of what was listed in the photo below. Pretty terrific entries were submitted for the contest! Although only one winner was inevitably chosen, we've decided to showcase 12 amazing photos that inspired us from the scavenger hunt.

Here's what each person was challenged to find for the fitness scavenger hunt:

  • Something PumpUp Blue
  • Something inspirational
  • Something you use as a weight
  • Something nutritious
  • Something you use to play music
  • Something you wear while running


From @alishasmith25: A PumpUp blue water bottle, an inspirational picture of her first 10 km race, purple dumbbells, baby spinach, pink speakers, and nike shoes.


From @shannondancer11: A PumpUp blue water, bottle, her favourite quote, a weighted plate, oranges and bananas, an iPod, and sneakers.


From @jenilacko: An inspiring card for South Africa, her backpack, kale, a vinyl player, and sneakers.Screenshot_2015-04-06-20-02-13

From @maryancgc: PumpUp blue progress bar, Khloe Kardashian, a white dumbbell, fruits, her headphones, and tennis sneakers.

pumpup fitness scavenger hunt

From @pigeonsmcgee: Running shorts, her favourite fortune, a dumbbell set, blue berry greek yogurt, headphones and boy shorts


From cgal0113: An SAT preparation book, an inspiring quote, 5lb dumbbells, detox water, an iPhone, and cute running gear. 


From @tiptopteacher: A balloon from her last day at school, her boyfriend, a kettle bell, Greek salad, her iPhone, and Nike free runs.


From @carbsandcardio: Sports for Human Rights charity bracelets, Bend it like Beckham, a TotalGym home trainer, a healthy snack pack, an iPod nano, and an iPhone case.


From @kieferjasmin: A "PumpUp blue" outfit, an inspirational quote, a blue dumbbell, blueberries and almonds, her favourite headphones, and running gear.


From @marcialeite14: Sneakers, A quote from a wall at the gym, a dumbbell, Protein pancakes, and her computer.


From @dylanr2015: A PumpUp t-shirt, a quote hung on his door, dumbbells at the recreation center, oranges and bananas, his iPhone, and Nike shoes.


5 simple reasons why burpees are here to stay

5 simple reasons why burpees are here to stay


Love them or loathe them, burpees are one of the most efficient no-equipment full-body exercises that you can do. If you feel like your arms are collapsing faster than a Jenga tower and your heart is pounding out of your chest after just 5 reps of burpees, it means that the exercise is working, for the most part. You're doin' your body some good. There are several reasons why burpees are here to stay. Here are just a few of them. There's a tiny learning curve

Unlike complex yoga positions that really take quite a bit of patience, persistence, and practice to build up to (crow-pose, we're looking at you), burpees are composed of simple movements that most beginners can pick up quickly.

You can perform them anywhere

Feel like binge-watching the last season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix? Do burpees every time you see a character rolling their eyes. On vacation and you're stuck in your hotel room? Do burpees as soon as you wake up.  Burpees don't require any equipment. Wherever your travels take you, get your heart rate up with a few burpees in between your adventures.

They work your entire body

Burpees strengthen every major muscle group, which is why you may feel like you battled five armies after five burpees.  Full body exercises exert more pressure on your body than isolation exercises such as oblique twists, allowing you to get your heart rate up much faster and burn more calories in less time. A 140-lb person will burn approximately 1.11 calories per burpee.

The more you practice burpees, the easier burpees (and other exercises) will be

You'll become stronger and have much more endurance when you perform burpees on the regular. By utilizing your major muscle groups and incorporating high-repetition plyometrics into the movement, burpees will condition your agilitystrength, and endurance, helping you to perform better in other sports and everyday activities.

Burpee variations are quite cool

If you're ever in need of a new party trick, burpee variations are your next best bet. Try adding a back handspring or a back-tuck after each repetition for some serious karma points. For an intense upper-body burn, do a pull-up after your jump up from a burpee. Impress us with your burpee variations by sharing about them with the PumpUp community!

How do you do a burpee properly?

  • From standing position, bend your body into a squat, plant your hands flat on the floor
  • Jump your feet back into plank position. Your spine should be straight.
  • Lower your chest to the ground in a push-up. On the way up, jump your feet towards your hands
  • Jump up vertically in the air as high as you can, landing softly
  • Repeat

Try our challenge of the week

See how many burpees you can do consecutively, post about it on the PumpUp app, and tag two other friends to try it with you!

5 reasons why burpees are here to stay

Challenge of the week : Walk more

Challenge of the week : Walk more


For a chance to win some PumpUp Swag from our March To Your Dream theme this week, we challenge you to walk more. Walk as many steps as you can this weekend. Track it on PumpUp, and tag your caption with #PumpUpSwag! The winner will be chosen on Monday.

How can I walk more this weekend?

Walking (or running, for that matter) really isn't for everybody. We still encourage you to get up and get moving; that's what March To Your Dream is about, after all!

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • If you're taking the car out, park further away from your desired destination
  • Plan to disembark public transit one or two stops earlier than you're used to; you'll benefit from the extra walk (and have more room to eat weekend brunch, obviously)
  • Instead of calling your friends over to watch a movie, do something active together instead
    • Indoor trampoline parks are a riot. More of a riot than Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
    • Weather permitting, go for a run! You don't have to be Usain Bolt. Dial down the pace so that you can chat and jog at the same time
    • Place yourself in an area where you know you'll walk a lot: malls, the zoo, museums, etc. are all locations where you'll definitely and deceptively walk more without it feeling like a chore

Good luck, PumpUp!

Motivation Monday: The notebook of positivity


This Motivation notebook from PumpUp member dixx is too good to not share! She made it as a source of inspiration when she didn’t want to work out and thought about giving up. “When I started writing this I said to myself: ‘Nah, you won’t give up right now. You have a lot of reasons to keep going.”

She wins PumpUp Swag for her efforts to Spread Positivity, encouraging other people to make one! She’s writing about her favourite workouts, quotes, and reminders! Hope it helps!

PumpUp Swag Challenge : What keeps you motivated?


For our good ol’ weekly PumpUp Swag challenge, share a photo of something or someone that motivates you and tag it with #PumpUpSwag! (It can be a gift you received or gave, a person, or something you made for yourself). We love PumpUp member @krysfit’s motivational socks :) Spread Positivity as you share!

Stop, drop, and chug


Small reminder to #StopDropandChug water or #StopDropandStretch if you haven’t done so already and tag other people to do so too! Water and sufficient hydration can enhance your muscles’ range of motion :) It’s the simplest trick to improving your flexibility! Thanks @millysjourneytomuscles for sharing this cool bottle! #SpreadPositivity with these hashtags! #MotivationMonday #TeamPumpUp

What quote inspires you? Write it out!


Write out a quote that inspires you like PumpUp member clemence7 did and post about it with the hashtag #SpreadPositivity, you have a chance to win a PumpUp beanie today! Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin

Tell somebody that they look lovely today


Tell somebody that they look lovely today, both on PumpUp and in person! Reblog to #SpreadPositivity! Open the app to find out who won yesterday’s swag challenge!

Motivation Monday: Body Confidence


Here’s a photo that one of our contest winners from this weekend shared from @allygawrys on Instagram  Love yourself! As Sophocles wrote, “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.”


Want to win a PumpUp tank this week? Rank the sugar content (per 100g) of these fruits from highest to lowest in the comments below, and like this photo on Facebook! If you plan to eat some candy from Halloween, be mindful about it! (We think you’re pretty sweet already ;) ) #PumpUpSwag #TeamPumpUp