At the start of her journey with PumpUp, Sara waged a hard-fought battle against an eating disorder. Her calorie intake stooped to dangerously low levels. “It wasn’t healthy,” she admitted. “I was also doing way too much cardio, and I was running 10 kilometres almost every day.” She joined the PumpUp community in search of support and motivation.  “I wanted to learn to love myself, to be more confident, and to be healthy,” she mentioned. “I wanted to be part of a fitness community where I could encourage and be encouraged by people."

With the help of the PumpUp community, Sara was able to develop a more positive relationship with food and exercise. She has been a PumpUp member for over one year. “Now that I’m using PumpUp, I’m healthier, happier, and more appreciative of my body,” she shared. “I’m doing weightlifting or CrossFit 5 times a week. I became a vegan and I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, tofu, cereal, grains, and legumes. All in all, I’m consuming a lot of healthy, and whole foods."

What’s more, with the support of the PumpUp community, Sara accomplished one of her most ambitious fitness goals to date: completing a half marathon. “I did it four months ago, in an hour and forty-six minutes,” she revealed. “My goal is to get faster - there’s still work to be done. I have to deal with tendonitis in my left knee, so I’ve taken a break from running right now. I’m trying to stay healthy with low impact workouts in the meantime.” 

Sara’s Best Advice

Be patient. Reach your goals by taking small steps. Set realistic objectives and of course, eat healthy.

Sara’s Biggest Motivation

My motivations are women like Marine Leuleu, Jen Selter, Sisi Mua or Juliana Fitness.

Saras Workout Routine

I love bodyweight exercises that target a lot of muscles at once: from HIIT, to squats, to lunges, push-ups, and plyometrics.

More about Sara

I’m thinking about creating a blog to give people advice about exercise and nutrition. That way, I’ll be able to share recipes, talk about ways to be healthy, and help anybody who might be dealing with an eating disorder. 

Keep Sara pumped! Find her on PumpUp @letsmooove and share positive words of encouragement for her below!