Like many of us warriors out there, we are all fighting our own personal battle. Whether it may be with finance, love, or family....we're all balancing fitness with something and all struggle to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. The moment that I decided to change my life for the better, I was more lost than I had ever been. Instead of slowly changing my bad habits, I tried to attain everything I wanted, cold turkey.

I was so discouraged when I wasn't seeing progress... for months and months I oscillated between bad habits and healthier lifestyle changes. I finally had to give myself a reality check and realized that in order to attain my long-term goals, I had to switch them into short-term goals. (This made it easier to maintain better habits and gave me the ideal motivation).

secret balancing fitness happiness

Every month I have a new goal. Whether I'm eating junk food, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, or achieving five pull-ups; I work my butt off to reach that goal. Believe me when I say that reaching short-term goals, weekly or monthly,  is even a greater feeling than reaching your long-term goal.

secret balancing fitness happiness

With all this being said, I would like to share my #MarchToYourDream goal: Since the weather is getting warmer, I am so fortunate to have Red Rocks to workout at whenever I want. My goal for March is to make sure I get it least one workout during the week that is outside of my gym! This is how am balancing fitness and happiness.

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