The billboards that pervade the roadsides often portray a juicy burger that makes your taste buds tingle with desire. That billboard, the one that catches your eye and gets you hungry, is leading you to a place that, when all’s revealed, you really don’t want to go.

Sure, it may taste pretty nice. It may taste great, even. But what’s lurking beneath that golden bun? It’s a far cry from the billboard’s beautiful burger.

Here are 10 reasons to avoid fast food restaurants:

1. Meat Scandals

Meat Scandals Gif - 10 Reasons to Avoid Fast Food Restaurants // The PumpUp Blog

As difficult as it may be to concede to this, fast food restaurants are notorious for having – well – questionable meat products. From pink sludge to meat products that are expired, chain restaurants have come under fire several times in the last few years.

2. It’s Not What They Advertise

10 reasons to avoid fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

The sizzling bun that graces the billboard doesn’t look like the wrapped one that you were served at the fast food window, does it? Just like many companies, it’s all in the marketing. From toys for the kids to games for the adults (think McDonald’s Monopoly), fast food companies are great at showing you a great product but not as great at delivering what’s promised.

3. Large Suppliers

Large Suppliers are a problem with fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

There’s nothing inherently wrong with buying from a large supplier, but what happens when your suppliers aren’t reputable? The food is compromised, of course. This is exactly what happened in Northern Ireland after testing of Rangeland Foods’ beef was found to contain horsemeat. The scandal affected several companies, including that of a hospital. 

4. Contaminated Soda

Contaminated Soda - a reason to avoid fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

There are some who prefer fountain soda from that in a bottle, but there’s something to be said for soda that hasn’t been touched by human hands. Studies have shown that fountain soda can contain levels of fecal matter – a quality achieved by poor hygiene and operating procedures in fast food restaurants.

5. Weight Gain and Obesity

Avoid fast food restaurants - they can cause weight gain and obesity // the PumpUp Blog

Chain restaurants have started posting nutritional information so that consumers can make health-conscious decisions regarding their food intake. If you haven’t taken a look, it’s time you should, as the high caloric content is doing nothing for America’s waistline.

6. Preservatives

Preservatives are too salty - 10 reasons to avoid fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

If you haven’t seen the pictures of burgers and French fries years after their selling date, here’s a good place for you to look. They maintain their appearance because of the massive amounts of preservatives in their contents. Should your food stay like that for that long? Probably not.

7. Addictive Properties

Too much sugar is a reason to avoid fast food restaurants // The PumpUp Blog

High fructose corn syrup is just one of the addictive properties of fast food. Found in soda, ketchup, and many other items, your fast food meal quickly turns into a sugar-like feast that leaves you craving more.

8. Unhealthy “Healthy” Items

Salads might be unhealthy at fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

You may think you’re getting a great, healthy meal when you order a salad from a chain restaurant. The problem? You probably aren’t. Shape magazine put together a list of the 12 salads that are worse than a Big Mac.

9. Cost

Money - 10 reasons to avoid fast food restaurants // the PumpUp Blog

There’s the dollar menu to think about when you’re on a budget. One burger for a buck? Why not? But what seems like a great deal upfront can have harrowing effects in the long run, to your health, to the local economy, etc. And if you’re not ordering off the dollar menu, your meal may well cost the same as it would from a local food establishment.

10. Local Economies

One of the major reasons to avoid fast food restaurants is right here: local economies can suffer for it. If a small business who specializes in burgers sits next to a chain, which one are you more likely to go to? The one with the dollar menu or the one with the quality ingredients from local sources? Hopefully the latter, as that will be the one to encourage your local economy.

More than that, though, is that, when the time comes for a meal out, you should be looking for the restaurants that source their ingredients responsibly. TRIA, a high-quality restaurant out of Dearborn, Michigan, prides itself on fresh and local ingredients, making their meals better for your health and overall satisfaction. This is just one example of a healthier option, one that can be more beneficial to your health in many aspects.

Hopefully this article will give you a fresh perspective on fast food restaurants who are less than fresh in their approach to food. The next time you go for a meal out, look for the food places who support your community. Try your best to stay out of the groove of “easy eating” and chow down on food that his high-quality, fresh, and beneficial to your health.

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