The sun is shining and here at PumpUp we are smiling! Why you wonder? Well there’s only one reason … and that reason is SUMMER. The flip-flops are officially here to stay and the bathing suits are getting dusted off from a long winter. What’s awesome about summer is how much we can do outside! Summer workouts are great to get a sweet tan, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the nice weather. Not sure what activity to try out this summer? Well, we have 5 good ones that burn a ton of calories and are an all around fun time! Be sure to check out the PumpUp challenge at the bottom of this post! 

1. Rollerblading

 Calories Burned 1 hour  = 462

 Rollerblading gives you a solid calorie burn but it is also an exercise that recruits a lot of different muscles. Want the short list of what muscles rollerblading works? We’ve got your glutes, quads, adductors (your inner thighs), hamstrings, and everyone’s favourite your abs! Rollerblading at a higher intensity will increase your calorie count and muscle engagement and will really get those abs working from having to balance yourself! 

 2. Tennis

 Calories Burned 1 hour = 350-570

 Calling all the Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova’s out there.  Grab a tennis ball and racquet and try playing this awesome sport.  Tennis has you running, jumping, lunging, squatting, swinging, and pretty much sweating the whole time! Also, try acting like the pros and let out a few grunts. Grunting actually expels the built up energy you have when you are about to swing for the ball and can help you get a harder hit!

3. Running

Calories burned 1 hour = 600 - 870

We love running anytime but do you want a way to amp up your workout this summer? Go for a jog on sand or another uneven surface and burn 30% more calories than you would running indoors or on pavement. Running on an uneven surface, such as sand or grass, increases the number of calories you burn with each step. Why? Your body burns extra energy on uneven surfaces in order to keep you stabilized and to propel you forward from a sunken position.

4. Stand Up Paddle Board

 Calories burned 1 hour = 500-700

Unbalanced surfaces are highly effective for training or building up core muscles and since Stand Up Paddle Boarding is dynamic and requires a lot of stabilization it automatically becomes an excellent core training activity. The core muscles are what stabilize you and help grip the deck of the paddle board. You really engage your core when you are propelling yourself forward when you paddle. Because that large and complex muscle group is being engaged the entire time, SUP gives you an awesome core workout!

5. Swimming

Calories burned 1 hour = 350-700

What better way to cool off when the sun is beating down on you than to take a swim? Swimming is not only refreshing after a long hot day but there’s so much variety, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, front crawl, doggy paddle … okay maybe not the doggy paddle, but all the rest! Swimming gives you a full body workout while still being gentle on joints and muscles.

 PumpUp Challenge: We want you to take pics this week of you doing any one of these 5 summer activities and post it on PumpUp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, wherever! Our favourite summer picture will win awesome PumpUp swag. To get your hands on the swag make sure you hashtag your pictures as #PumpUpSummer. The winning picture will be announced next Thursday! :) 

Be sure to stay tuned for next weeks 5 summer activities to finish off the 10 summer activities we promised you! :)