Summer time fun is back and we have the 5 last activities we want you to partake in this summer for a crazy good workout and a lot of fun! 

 6. Beach Volleyball


Calories Burned in 1 Hour = 535

Like we’ve said before, the running, jumping, diving, and lunging on an uneven surface like that of a beach volleyball court burns an impressive amount of calories. Beach volleyball uses your arms, chest, legs, and core, and do you want to know the best part about it? It doesn’t even feel like a workout! Get a group of friends together and start up a game this summer.

7. Kayaking


Calories Burned in 1 Hour = 350

 Being out on the peaceful water in your kayak or canoe is a pretty awesome experience. Don’t take my word for it - go try it yourself! Every stroke you take while kayaking is a single-arm row. Imagine doing a single-arm dumbbell row or seated cable row; it’s basically the same motion except you have a paddle. Each stroke is a good workout to the lats. While one arm is rowing back, the other is getting a stretch and then a contraction. So try kayaking for a super effective back workout. What is awesome is the fact that you can go at whatever tempo or variation you prefer. Make sure to make each pull as hard as you can to really feel the burn!

8. Soccer

Calories Burned in 1 Hour = 610

 It’s time to grab a soccer ball and go all David Beckham this summer. By the end of a soccer game did you know that a soccer player could have run 10k! That’s crazy. Soccer is an awesome cardio workout and when you have your friends with you its an extra ab workout from all the laughing!

9. Cycling


Calories Burned in 1 Hour = 550-800

 Some people have claimed cycling is an even better workout than running. If you haven’t tried it out yet, hop on the bike this summer and build some awesome leg muscles. Cycling is easy on your joints and super good for your heart. Plus, if you need to run errands hopping on your bike will not only get you there but it will also get you burning calories!

10. Hiking



Calories Burned in 1 Hour = 425 

Sometimes we all need a break from the craziness around us. Going for a good peaceful and relaxing hike can do the trick! Hiking is inexpensive, easy to start and can release a ton of stress. Hiking is much more varied than many other types of exercise, and your workout can be different each time when you change up the trails you take. Hiking can help you to maintain your motivation for exercise by making it more interesting and relaxing.


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