Life is full of unpredictability. We frequently counter the unexpected. This often leads to stress and worry as we try to cope with a curveball from nowhere. How could we possibly make this better? So much can be changed by having a flexible mind. If we decide that we are willing to meet whatever comes, we can begin to, as they say, roll with the punches. It can be challenging to change one's mindset to live in such a way, but it is possible and it leads to a certain flexibility of the mind.

Meditation techniques for having a flexible mind

Meditation is always a helpful stress-reducing tactic. There are many ways one can meditate to achieve the kind of clarity and calm that supports a healthy life:

  • Some people try to simply clear their mind until it's still — they just breathe.
  • Find something beautiful in nature and observe it: simply sit and allow it to make an impression on you (whether it's a flower, a tree, a landscape or sunset, or a squirrel). Afterwards, record or simply think about what you noticed. You'll feel a calm and new energy within you.
  • Focus on an object in your mind. As you do, examine it. Contemplate what you already know about the object. When you have exhausted all of the knowledge that you have, think of the object to an even deeper degree and see if you can imbue it with a new thought or meaning. I do this for about five minutes, and when I am finished, I allow whatever inner energy I created to flow through me, focusing it through the head and down the spine.

Exercising toward a flexible mind

There are many exercises that are naturally stress-relieving. Sometimes after a week of stormy seas, you need a change of scenery. The next time you have a free day, travel somewhere away from home or work. Go by yourself or venture with a friend. Climb a mountain. Walk through the city or along a beach. Learn a new skill. Allow yourself to get your mind off what was challenging or bothering you. Today, it doesn’t matter. It will come back to you, if it has to. Meanwhile, give yourself to something else, and this also can serve as a form of meditation. If you can fully give yourself to the adventure, you will find yourself refreshed and nourished.

When unpredictable moments come crashing in, you will remember that you have tools to help you through. Take a day off, and take care of your inner health. You will come back to the challenge full of new flexibility and nourishment.

This post was penned by PumpUp member @bodysoulspiritfitness, a teacher and movement artist with a passion for healthy living and adventure. Follow her blog here.