Remain Calm

Stay Calm - Strategies for staying positive during big transitions // The PumpUp Blog

During big transitions, it's pretty common to feel like you're drowning underneath a waterfall of feelings. They can be positive or negative – excitement or anxiety, for example. Most of the time, you're overwhelmed by emotions. At the start of big transitions, you should try your best to remain as calm as possible. Don't consume yourself with other problems or tasks. They may leave you feeling completely drained in a short amount of time. Things have their own way of falling into place. They will just run their course, no matter what our actions are. Take a step back and remind yourself where you are.

Stay Focused

Concentrate - Strategies to stay positive during big transitions // The PumpUp Blog

Be aware of the circumstances that brought you where you are. Try your best to see the bright side of things. Remember why you made the choices that spurred your big transition. You will face difficulties, but it’s important to keep your final goals in mind so that you won’t get easily discouraged.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Strategies to stay positive during big transitions - Help Aubrey Plaza Parks and Recreation Gif // The PumpUp Blog

Breakdowns happen. You're only human. Big changes will affect everyone differently. Be patient with yourself and give yourself all the time you need. You may believe that you are all alone, but that is never true. Whether is family, a friend, a neighbor or any member of the beautiful PumpUp Family, do not hesitate to reach out. I promise that there are so many kind souls on this planet willing to help you at any time of day. You are not alone.

If you just moved in to a new place, be friendly with your neighbors or your new classmates. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone. When you're nice to those around you, you're creating an atmosphere of positivity that will make it easier to adapt to all the changes in your life. As a person who deals with social anxiety, I found this to be extremely difficult in the beginning. But, little by little, I learned how to not be held down by it anymore.

Spend quality time with yourself

Spend time with yourself - Strategies to stay positive during big transitions - Amy Adams Muppets Movie Me Party // The PumpUp Blog

Dedicate time for yourself. Meditate if you can, exercise, or cook something that reminds you of home. Read (even if it’s for school or personal pleasure) listen to music, and find art that inspires you. It's important to develop healthy habits - they'll give you the stability during big transitions. Plus, staying fit is important for your physical and mental health. Use 'me-time' to explore your surroundings. Make little trips so that you can discover new places, as well as yourself.

Big transitions happen for a reason. They're challenging– but like every other challenge, you can and will prevail. You will come out of this with more experience and most importantly, you will learn and grow as a person. Stay true to who you are, but at the same time, give yourself enough space to discover new things about yourself in your new environment.

It's okay to be afraid, but don’t let fear consume you. All new things become familiar at some point. You will look back years from now and thank yourself for every step you took in the darkness of the unknown.

This post was written by PumpUp member @sophievcr. Follow her blog on Tumblr to keep track of her journey!

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