People say that inner beauty is reflected in how people look on the outside. But the opposite also rings true. When you’re looking your best, you end up feeling good. Beauty and confidence are linked in less obvious ways that you'd think. Physical beauty jump-starts your confidence

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If you’ve ever experienced ashy or acne-prone skin, you’ll know how it can zap your confidence. Likewise, when your skin is clear, you feel better. You exhibit a range of behaviours that indicate this: you'll hold your head up high and make eye-contact with people, rather than attempting to hide your face.   When you identify the aspects of your appearance that dissolve your confidence, you might be able to give your self-esteem a necessary boost. If you have an ashy complexion that causes your skin to look dull, skin lightening creams that make your skin more luminous may help. In turn, this may relieve any built-up tension you feel towards yourself.

A study found that when men wore a scented product, women found them more attractive - even though they could not smell them! The reason? The men carried themselves with confidence, which had the effect of increasing their physical appeal to people they interacted with. Even psychologists backed this up, saying that grooming rituals can help to boost your confidence levels in the short term.

Spiritual beauty helps you think more positively

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Although spiritual beauty is mostly an inside job - you should nurture your soul with goodness, find goodness in the world and spread kindness - some of it is definitely linked to how you react to your appearance. Sometimes people look at themselves in the mirror and only see negative things. Self-criticism can make you feel judged by yourself, which will launch you into bad mood territory. How are you supposed to be kind to others when you can’t be kind to yourself Start looking for things you love about your appearance when you glance at your reflection - your shiny eyes, your glowing skin, your beautiful smile - because it will stimulate the reward system in your brain. Remember that you can’t send out love if you don’t have some of it set aside in your soul for yourself!

Spiritual beauty can also enhance your physical beauty

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When you cultivate your spiritual beauty, this can enhance your physical beauty. Your appearance radiates what is going on within your soul. Having inner serenity will reflect in how you look. You will appear composed, calm, and you'll walk tall. If you're stressed, the consequences can reveal themselves in various ways. A few examples? Wrinkles from frowning, bitten-down nails, and skin issues.

Looking after your body makes you look and feel good, period.

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The interesting thing about inner and outer beauty is that they're linked. If you care about your body by leading a healthy lifestyle, this will make you healthier and feel good (especially if you're part of a fitness community). It’s a positive chain reaction. Focus on healthy lifestyle habits that encourage physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and your soul will shine.

Beauty and confidence are strongly linked, sometimes more than we realize. Focusing on strengthening physical and spiritual beauty will enable you to take beautiful flight in the amazing person you are.

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