I know that changing your lifestyle is not an easy feat! So today, I want to address some challenges that you may face or expect as a raw vegan and provide solutions to those problems!1. Being scared of change! Everyone goes through different things when they start eating healthier– fear of gaining weight, breaking out, not being able to ‘stay on track’.  Some people like to change their diet overnight (like me) and some people like to take baby steps (most people). I think it is so important to find what method works best for you. Transitioning into a raw vegan diet can be easy if you slowly omit processed foods and add in more fruits and veggies on a daily basis!


2. Feeling too hungry or too full! You have to LISTEN to your own body. Eat until you are SATISFIED! These foods are high in water content and nutrient dense. Your body has to adjust to eating a larger quantity because most fruits and veggies are low in calories! In order to thrive on this lifestyle, you need to EAT ENOUGH! When you eat enough, you will make those cravings for processed foods go away.


3. Detox symptoms! You have to think about how long you have been eating food that upsets your body– I had 18 years of processed food in my body. My detox symptoms were relatively mild and lasted only about 2 weeks–I was also coming from a vegetarian, highly plant based diet so I was not completely overhauling my diet. Detox symptoms can range from slight headaches to breakouts in your skin, but this is your body’s way of getting rid of all of those built up toxins! It’s OKAY and the symptoms will subside! :)


4. Feeling isolated! As long as you believe in what you are doing, you shouldn’t base your decisions off of what other people think or what other people are telling you to do. It’s easier than you think! Embrace other lifestyles just as you hope they embrace yours :)


5. Feeling short on time! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! When you are eating raw, you need to surround yourself with an abundance of food so you are always feeling satisfied. A lot of people ask me, especially as a college student, how do you have time to prepare your food? It’s truly so simple for me–think about it, blending up a smoothie and rinsing out the blender takes WAY less time then cooking up a pot of food! The raw lifestyle is convenient even if you are on the go! You just have to plan AHEAD.

5 things to expect as a raw vegan - there will be

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