Happy holidays to you and your family this joyful season! Tis' the season to be fit and jolly. December is a beautiful time of food, food and more food! Of course, whenever excess food and treats are are involved, temptations are our worst enemies. From irresistible mashed potatoes to the sweet aroma of freshly baked Christmas gingerbread cookies, it is easy to get carried away.

Why not end the year on Santa’s ‘nice list’? Leave some coconut & peanut butter protein balls with a nice tall glass of almond milk for Santa this year! Here are 5 helpful tips to balance food and happiness this December:

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  1. Embrace the Christmas Spirit! Be happy. Don’t allow anything to dull your sparkle!
  2. Drink Alcohol in ModerationYou don’t want to drink too much to be on Santa’s naughty list.
  3. Bake healthy low fat Christmas treats. Christmas guilt-be-gone! You can find many healthy treat recipes here.
  4. Control your food & snack portions. Have a ‘portion control container’ handy to cut down on overeating.
  5. Turn your December preparations into JOLLY workouts! Listen to cheerful Christmas music while hanging your stockings ,or even dance your heart out and throw in some squats while decorating the tree!

This post was written by PumpUp member and Trinidadian artist Tweetii. Learn more about her here.