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Today’s blog is a bit different. I will not be talking about my workouts or food, but about something more personal. I wish somebody would have said all these things to me when I was younger, or that I would have had the courage to speak out loud to my parents or friends and share my worries. If by any chance you feel the same way, please go ahead and read this, and then trust me when I say things will get better.

Loads of love <3

A letter to my younger self

I just wanted to let you know that everything is going to be great. I know you are hurt. I know you have suffered. I know you think you are not good enough. That boy who hasn’t checked you out at school? He is not the one, so do not suffer for someone who does not care about you. The girl who made that nasty comment louder than she should have just to make you feel bad? You will not remember her in a couple of years because you will be surrounded by extraordinary people.

I know that you look at yourself in the mirror and feel really bad about what you see. I know you use a stationary bike inside your room because you are too ashamed to do it outside. I know how you stare at the magazines and how you daydream about being taller, thinner and that you want lighter hair. I know the reason why you get drunk, I know you do it because that boy broke your heart, and that you think it was because of your looks. But I also know that it all will get better.


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You will learn to be happy for no reason. You will learn that good things outweigh the bad most of the time. You will learn that you need nobody’s approval to wear that skirt, and you will not regret a bit about eating a little piece of chocolate one day.

As you get older, you will really develop that self love that was so necessary in your teenage years. And that will help you to- one day - find the love of your life. You will understand that the person who will truly love you will do it because of your soul, not your looks, and so will you (even if your boyfriend is a stunning piece of art).

But do not worry, I didn’t learn any of this until a couple winters ago. My true commitment to love myself started last November when I began to have a healthier lifestyle. At that moment, I found joy, a break from the stressful world we live in.

Your commitment to your health may sound unnecessary or ‘temporary’ for many of the people who surround you, but you will not care. You will be learning to love who you are. You will love your stomach and your tights, and won’t be ashamed of doing what you do. You will be embracing yourself at its finest, and it will be because of all the confidence you will gain by engaging in this new amazing lifestyle. Remember this:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”


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So do not worry. You are just fine the way you are. Be strong enough to do whatever makes you happy. And be brave enough to start living a life out of your comfort zone - in all senses. Practice sports and enjoy all their benefits, prepare healthy meals rather than just a sandwich. Be proud of what you have become and all the progress you will make.

Remember all those times you went to a store and bought something smaller just to feel motivated to work out? Well, it could have happened if you were the director of your life. But you are not, and instead you let others to choose for you and comfort you in your pain. That will change, and you will find the courage to do what it takes. And you will learn to apply it in all aspects of your life.

This new lifestyle you chose will make you stronger. You will become mentally stronger, and I just wanted to say : Congratulations!

This is a post by PumpUp member sandrafitness. Follow her on Instagram @langencita and follow her blog here