Social anxiety used to get in the way of Lindsay's fitness progress. "I have always felt overwhelmed in a crowd, preventing me from attending certain events and social gatherings," she elaborated. "When I first began going to the student gym at my university, I found it very difficult to be in the weight room because I felt like everyone was judging me." She resorted to only using cardio machines. Due to her heavy student workload, Lindsay exercised at the gym for 3 days a week at most - often going for an hour at a time. "I didn't know about the advantages of weightlifting and I was nervous about [resistance training]," she said. "Running on the treadmill was my go-to exercise." For this reason, it was easiest for Lindsay to make changes to her diet before she joined the PumpUp community. First, she stopped eating junk food. Next, she swapped out simple carbohydrates for complex carbohydrates and whole grains. "It wasn't easy, but it was do-able because I had my 'cheat' day on the weekend to look forward to," she admitted.

When Lindsay joined the PumpUp community, she overcame all of the trepidation that she used to feel towards strength training. "After a year and a half of using PumpUp, I do strength training 5-6 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half at a time, and do 10-20 minutes of cardio for every other workout, depending on how I feel that day," she said gleefully. "My friend showed me how to use the weightlifting machines and taught me basic strength training exercises. I eased into going to the gym by myself and I finally felt relief because I was no longer thinking about others' opinions of me. I focused on my own workout goals instead."

PumpUp has been Lindsay's primary motivator over the past year. She adopted so many positive lifestyle changes by learning from fellow members. "I gained tons of inspiration from others in the PumpUp community, as well as confidence," she insisted. "[I received] so much support! I have even incorporated some of PumpUp's and other members' exercise ideas into my routine." Though Lindsay still maintains a wholesome diet, she confessed that she now has to eat more food to keep up with her fast metabolism. "I definitely make more smoothies after having been on PumpUp and I'm always attempting to make healthier snacks, such as protein balls."

By sharing constant updates about her fitness journey on PumpUp, Lindsay stayed accountable to all of her health goals. "When I stop to think about it, I gained much more confidence just by having a profile on PumpUp where others can see my progress over time and what I did to get there," she mused. "It's kind of like going to a gym, but more personal and in a positive way. It's nice to hear that others notice your progress. [This isn't] something that typically happens at a gym, unless you know everyone there and have been going for awhile."

Moving forward, Lindsay hopes to inspire others to move past their insecurities so that they can realize their full potential. "I have come to realize that no one at the gym is going to judge you because everyone starts out as a beginner," she affirmed. "People are there for different reasons, but we all have one thing in common...wanting to live a healthier life! Thinking more positively in anxiety-inducing situations has really helped me over the years."

Lindsay's Accomplishments with PumpUp (so far)

I've accomplished unassisted chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips. I demolished my love handles and nailed my headstands.

Lindsay's Best Advice

Start small and work your way up as you get comfortable with your new lifestyle. Also, it doesn't hurt to try different activities or change up your workouts because you never know what will work best for you unless you try a bit of everything! Girls, don't be afraid of weightlifting...we can be strong too! The more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn, even when at rest!

Lindsay's Biggest Source of Motivation

I'm inspired when others around me are working hard and doing their best. I have a lot of ambition and am always setting goals for myself, so accomplishing these goals is what's really motivating to me. 

Lindsay's Favorite Form of Exercise

Calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) have become my favourite exercise to do! I enjoy working on chin-ups, dips, crow pose, and am working on a new pose called the elbow lever! I also love being upside down in an elbow stand, headstand, or handstand!

More about Lindsay

I have a BSc Honors in Psychology and have recently started working as a Behavioural Interventionist. My dream job would be as a Speech-Language Pathologist, working with kids with developmental disabilities to improve their communication!

Keep Lindsay pumped! Find her on the PumpUp community @linds_3. Share positive words of encouragement for her in the comments below!

When was the last time you overcame a big fear? What did you do to move past it?