When Tiffany lost her excuses, she found her results. "I decided to get in shape because I was fed up with the life I had chosen for myself," said Tiffany. "If I was successful at everything else I wanted in life, then why was becoming healthy any different?"  Prior to joining the PumpUp community, Tiffany found herself saddled with multiple excuses as to why she was neither exercising nor eating healthy.  "In December [2014], I looked at my life and I said, 'Why aren't you doing it now?'" she recalled. "I loved my job, I loved my friends, I had more than enough money, so what was my excuse this time? Then I realized, I didn't have one." Chocolate and candy became Tiffany's downfall: she would eat 4-5 'king-sized' chocolate candy bars on a daily basis, with little physical activity to boot. "No wonder I was topping the scale at 250 lbs," she said. "I would work my 9 hour shift and then come home and eat away the stress of the day. I moved to a new city and it took its toll on me. But again those are all excuses." Tiffany believes that nothing is impossible if she works hard enough for it. Once she applied that logic to her health, everything fell into place. "I really didn't want it," she remarked about her initial attitude towards weight loss. "But why didn't I want it? That was the question that I began to ask myself. Then I discovered the answer...who would I be if I wasn't overweight?  I didn't know a life where I didn't stuff my face with sweets and exercised regularly and willingly. Those facts left me afraid. Afraid of the unknown, afraid to find out who I really was."


After Tiffany joined PumpUp in 2015, her health became her number one priority. "I have fallen in love with this lifestyle: the people I have met, the apps I have become familiar with, the exercise, and thefood," affirmed Tiffany. "Most importantly, I have fallen in love with myself. The amount of pride that I have for myself is indescribable." She remains fiercely committed to her goals with the help of the PumpUp community. "A coworker introduced me to the app and I instantly fell in love with the people," she gushed. "It's all about accountability. I know that everyone is going to be looking at me and waiting for me to either succeed or fail. I never want to do the latter."  Tiffany eats well and exercises regularly because of the strength and clarity that she receives from working out. It's not just about weight loss. "I love proving to myself that I can do it," she insisted. "I love the physical and mental changes that I have experienced during this transformation. I can look it the mirror and be proud of who I see.  I am no where near my goal weight, but I'm not picking myself apart. Well, I do, but I pick apart the pieces that I love about myself, not what I don't."

With the help of PumpUp, Tiffany lost 40 lbs. "I am so proud of my progress," she shared. "PumpUp really keeps me motivated. I check the app numerous times throughout the day. I could be having a bad day and one person's post can and has changed my attitude. It's that simple. If you want to find happiness, you will." Tiffany's routine isn't strict, by any means. Her approach to a healthy lifestyle is one that is flexible, gradual, and realistic for her. She strives to eat healthy for at least 80% of the week and commits to exercising at least 3-4 times a week, combining cardio and strength training. "I stick to a 1700 cal limit with my food each day and to be honest that's the most difficult for me. I never really ate a lot of "food" it was just chocolate, so eating real food was new for me (but I'm finding that food is quite tasty)," she chuckled. "What I have loved about this whole process is the fact that I can still be me. I love to snack, so I traded in my Snickers for Fiber One Cookies and Bars. You don't have to eat salads and celery to lose weight. You can eat what you want, but in moderation. I know, I know, it's easier said than done, but it's true."

Tiffany's best advice

I love to motivate people to do whatever it is they want to do, so through my journey, I hope to inspire others. I'm a natural born motivator. I want anyone who wants to succeed to know that they can and they will, it just takes patience, consistency, and time. Living a healthy lifestyle is about more than just a number on a scale. It's about how you feel about yourself, it's how strong you are mentally and emotionally. Finding out who you are can be scary. What if who you are isn't who you want to be? But here's the thing, you can be whoever you want to be. Once I realized that, there was no stopping me. I've been hitting the ground running ever since.

Tiffany's favorite workout

I have truly grown to love the gym. My favorite piece of cardio equipment is the stairmaster. I absolutely love it. It gets my heart pumping fast and strong. For greater intensity, I put in a little glute work by lifting my legs straight back, turning to the side and doing side steps and side raises. I have become a beast and my butt thanks me for it. I also love to lift weights. I always say, "Lifting weights is like a fat girl's dream. I put in the work, but hardly sweat and I burn calories long after I'm done. There is no downside."

Tiffany's biggest motivators

My biggest motivators on PumpUp are @rachellauren, @limitlessstyle, @balancingforlife, @lorrin and so many others. These ladies remind me that fitness is a part of life, not for a season. I have learned so much from these ladies and I am forever grateful for their constant support, and not for specifically reaching out to me, but for being who they are. For showing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyday is an opportunity to change for a lifetime.

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