Alex was bullied about his size for most of his life. At the age of fifteen, Alex weighed 85 kg (187 lbs). Prior to joining the PumpUp community, Alex snacked on junk food between meals when he was bored. Over time, he became increasingly unenthusiastic about exercising.  “Before PumpUp, I ate when I wanted and what I wanted,” he remembered. “I loved playing sports, but I was always too self-conscious to go to the gym for fear of being ridiculed. This dented my confidence."

After starting university, Alex made the decision to change his lifestyle. “ The main catalyst was hearing horror stories about student health and the dreaded 'Freshman Fifteen,” he revealed. “University was a chance to start fresh. I was determined not to have a similar experience [with bullying]. I’ve been using PumpUp for just over a year now.” 

With the help of PumpUp, Alex was finally able to commit to healthy lifestyle choices. “PumpUp introduced me to a community of people all at different stages in their fitness journeys,” he shared. "I eat a lot healthier and drink more water. I snack occasionally and when I do, it’ll be healthy (dried fruits, nuts etc.).” PumpUp also changed Alex’s perspective towards nutrition and healthy eating. He began to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into his diet, as well as foods that made him feel full, but not bloated. “Now, with PumpUp, I’m beginning to enjoy healthy food and I’m not seeing it as an evil, but as something necessary. It doesn’t have to be bland to be healthy. With that, and the support of this fantastic community, my confidence has grown, I go to the gym regularly (on average 4-5 times a week) and love feeling healthier and happier as a result, (now, at 20 I weigh 67kg!)."

For Alex, his biggest obstacle was a mental one. His fear of failure prevented him from adopting healthier habits at a younger age. "Sometimes I’ll feel like I can’t do something, or that I’m not good enough,” he admitted. “All the past feelings will come rushing back. I told my Dad about this fear and he said, 'That’s just life. We all make mistakes. When you’re learning to walk, you’re going to fall over a few times. That doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to walk.' Friends and family have been a major motivating factor. They help me deal with my problems."

Moving forward, Alex hopes to maintain the habits he worked so hard for. “I’ve accomplished loads with PumpUp,” he said. “I’m healthier and happier, I’ve lost weight and toned up, I have no trouble going to the gym [with the fear that] people will make fun of me. I’ve made loads of new friends who support me. In the future, I hope to help anyone looking for guidance or advice. I just want to remain happy and fit (though a six pack would be nice!)."

Alex’s Best Advice

"To anyone wanting to lead a healthier and more active life who might be too scared to start, just think you have nothing to lose. Take small steps and celebrate each little victory or goal reached. PumpUp has got a fantastic and supportive community, so grab your trainers and get out there!"  

Alex’s Greatest Source of Motivation

"There are a lot of famous celebrity stories/transformations that have struck me; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (for his incredible work ethic), Chris “Cap America” Evans (and his transformation for the role) and Jonny Wilkinson. With all these guys and Jonny, one thing is particularly clear: hard work. Being able to persevere and keep working toward your dream in spite of adversity is something that is immensely inspirational to me. Otherwise, the past and failure are huge sources of motivation for me as well. I’m scared of going back to how I was. I remember why I started and how good I feel now. Why would I want to change? (Also, sometimes I imagine that a huge bear is chasing me when I’m on the treadmill. That helps sometimes)!"

Alex’s Favourite Exercise

"Tough question! I love running, especially in sport. Often my warm up in the gym (15mins on the treadmill) will turn into a full blown 5K! Other than that, I quite like bodyweight exercises: push-ups and core exercises, as well as pull-ups and kettlebell swings. That’s a few more than one— there are too many!!"

Fun fact about Alex

"My favourite cheat meal is pizza. If I could have that cheat meal with a celebrity, it would be Anastasia Ashley. She’s a pro surfer, so she could give me loads of tips."

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