Where do you turn to when your motivation is low? At the start of her fitness journey, Angela was too intimidated to push herself to the next level. She couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without struggling for breath and was hesitant about joining a gym. "I've always been a jack of all trades, but a master of none in all aspects of my life," she revealed. "Why? Because I was scared. Scared of failing, hard work, and commitment." When Angela finally mustered up enough courage to sign up for a gym membership, she lacked adequate support. "I mentioned that I was joining a gym to my friend and she laughed - really loud," she remembered. "I don't blame her. I hated the idea of going to a gym but I was determined to prove her wrong." As Angela eased into an exercise routine, her confidence and fitness goals grew little by little. But after awhile, she hit a plateau. "Before using PumpUp, I found that my motivation was low," she recalled. "I went to the gym as frequently as I do now, but without determination." Her diet was also inconsistent at best. She found herself skipping morning meals and gorging on food much later in the evening.

Angela joined the PumpUp community in June 2015 in order to get back into the right mindset. "Being able to document my achievements has helped me to achieve so much more," she shared. "I started using [PumpUp] to belong to a community of like-minded people who understood fitness and the journey you undertake. Unfortunately it seems to be a taboo subject to talk about body achievements elsewhere."

Now that Angela uses PumpUp, she is much more confident in her progress. "I never posted a fitness photo of myself online until I joined PumpUp," she elaborated. "I thought I was too old and I didn't want people judging me negatively. Boy was I wrong. The community has been so supportive and I'm so grateful for that. They continue to motivate me and give me confidence to take pride in myself."

Angela's diet and exercise routine also underwent a transformation. She no longer skips meals and she is sure to keep binge-eating at bay by munching on plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day. "I have found that variety is the spice of my journey," she added. "By posting pictures, it reminds me what I have been doing and I can choose which exercise to do that day. There are also some great recipes posted by other members that are awesome and help me choose that day's dinner!"

There is a lot that Angela can be proud of. She is proof that a positive mindset can enhance all aspects of your life. "What I didn't realise was the amazing feeling you get when you achieve your goals," she shared. "I gave up smoking, studied and COMPLETED a bookkeeping course, and now I can even walk in a room on my own without feeling anxious. All that was because of the goals I smashed in the gym." She has been able to accomplish many fitness-related feats. "My strength has allowed me to balance on a bosu ball and achieve a pistol squat, the splits and a muscle up - all things I never thought I would be able to do," she insisted. "My advice is don't think, do! Your brain is the muscle you need to concentrate on the most. If you have a positive mindset, then your body will follow. I wish it hadn't taken me 38 years to realise that but I'm so grateful I have now."

Angela's Biggest Source of Motivation

My biggest motivation is to stay as supple and fit for as long as possible. Being able to lift a really heavy object without having to ask for help is fantastic! Now I'm the one people ask when things are too heavy - I still can't believe it! 

Angela's Favorite Workout

I love the bosu ball. It's great for all-around strength. Making your platform unstable gives your body more work to do. I use it for squats, single leg deadlifts, press ups, ab work and more!

More about Angela 

I should have died at 17. I was told I had constipation by the hospital and sent home on 3 different occasions. I insisted I was seen again and had an operation. It turned out I had a ruptured cyst in my Fallopian tube that had turned septic. The surgeon had said it would only of been a matter of days that the poison would have entered my blood stream. I thank my lucky stars everyday especially as I now only had one Fallopian tube but went on to have two beautiful children.

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