Four years of college took a toll on Carina. As a busy student, exercising and healthy eating ended up at the bottom of her priority list. Excuse after excuse piled up to the point where Carina didn't feel her best, physically. "After graduating, I realized that I needed to get back in shape," she remembered. "I wanted to be healthy. In August 2015, I realized that I wanted a change." It wasn't easy for Carina find motivation. She would step on the scale multiple times a day, only to be discouraged. "At one point, I was checking my weight 2-3 times a day to see if I had lost weight," she confirmed. "However, I wasn't losing weight. I was becoming frustrated. I realized that sometimes, you can't rely on what the scale says. I decided to measure myself and take pictures of myself as a means of motivation. This helped me to see my progress in a positive way."

Since August 2015, Carina lost a total of 60 lbs. She achieved this by exercising more often, by eating fewer processed meals, by limiting her intake of carbohydrates, and by drinking plenty of protein shakes. The PumpUp community kept her motivation steady along the way. "PumpUp is truly an amazing community to get fitness motivation," she shared. "Using PumpUp allows me to be accountable for my actions. Whether it's making sure that I'm eating right or simply working out often, I feel like I have to make a post to motivate myself and others as well."

Moving forward, Carina hopes to help other people who are struggling with their health and fitness journey. "I aspire to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle," she said. "I have always struggled with weight issues. If my story motivates people to be more healthy, then that's all I can ask for." 

Carina's Best Advice
"Be consistent about the goal you're trying to achieve, whether it is to lose weight, or to simply live a healthier lifestyle. Persistency comes along way."

Carina's Biggest Source of Motivation
"My uncle Bryan has been my biggest motivation. He not only helped me become more active and change my old bad habits, but he has helped other people as well. I want to be able to do the same."

Carina's Favorite Workout
"The Stair Master is my favorite machine to use at the gym. I'm just trying to shape up my lower body!"

Fun fact about Carina
"I'm a blackbelt in karate!"

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