Everybody starts somewhere. Chloe's starting point was with the PumpUp community. "I created my PumpUp account around the same time that I began my fitness journey," she revealed. "I never committed to my health wholeheartedly. I did very little physical activity and constantly binged on candy and fast food. After school or work, I'd lie around until my day was over."

Needless to say, Chloe made a drastic departure from the way that she used to live. "Thanks to PumpUp, I'm always on my feet!" she said happily. With motivation and support from the PumpUp community, Chloe commits to working out at the gym at least 5 times a week and is sure to incorporate some kind of physical activity into her day. "I love to eat healthy. When I do splurge, I control my portions and know that there are healthier alternatives," she explained. "I try my hardest to be kind to my body every day." 

How Chloe taught herself to be kind to her body and lost 45 lbs // The PumpUp Blog

Chloe lost over 45 lbs since August 2014, overcame depression, and lifted herself up. "I never wanted to live life outside my home," she confided. "I used to feel like I'd rather disappear than to have people see me. Every day is still a struggle, but when I think about how far I've come, I remind myself that I'm much healthier and have more control over my life."  She beams with positivity and spreads messages of self-love with every post that she shares with the PumpUp community. "On PumpUp, I found a relatable source of positivity and motivation," she enthused. "I wanted to find community of people who were going through similar journeys. I needed a place where I could be completely motivated and feel supported. I definitely achieved that after joining PumpUp."

How Chloe taught herself to be kind to her body and lost 45 lbs // The PumpUp Blog

Chloe's best advice for other PumpUp members is to set realistic goals and to take setbacks with a grain of salt. "At the beginning of my journey, my goal was to work out at the gym at least 3 times a week," she said. "I then reached that goal and added another objective. Now, my goal is to work out at least 6 times a week. It's a learning process. It can be tough, but if you hold yourself accountable, you can do it!" Chloe is her own motivation. She strives to get stronger every day and looks at old pictures to put things into perspective. "Don't fight to be like anybody else," she counselled. "Become to be the best version of you." 

How Chloe taught herself to be kind to her body and lost 45 lbs // The PumpUp Blog

Chloe's Favorite Exercise

Cardio is great! I love to run, but when I don't feel like running, I cycle. I also love hiking and that definitely gets my blood flowing. Lifting weights is also really fun for me, I love pushing my limits and seeing how far my body can go before I need to stop. Exercising makes me feel stronger.

More about Chloe
I'm a barista, I love the outdoors and dogs, and I'm passionate about social justice!

Find Chloe on the PumpUp community @chloedfrance and keep an eye out for her takeover on the pumpupHQ Snapchat account on July 10. Were you inspired by how Chloe lost 45 lbs and gained confidence? Let us know in the comments below!