Simple motivation is fleeting and situational; true discipline requires a constant support system. This is where PumpUp made a difference for Danielle (@elle_428), and her absolutely outstanding progress inspires so many members each and every day.  “Before PumpUp, I lost a lot of the motivation I had at the beginning of my “get fit” journey,” she explained. “I learned about PumpUp through a YouTube blogger, who mentioned that it helped motivate and inspire her to work out. I wanted some inspiration, so I decided to join the PumpUp community [in July]. It wasn’t long before I was ready to get active again.”

In her last semester of college, Danielle explained that she fell into a lifestyle that was a bit more sedentary than she felt was acceptable. Due to her busy schedule, she stopped running as often and would only go to the gym sporadically. “The extent of my exercise was walking around campus with my Organic chemistry and Biochemistry textbooks,” she said. “I didn’t eat terribly, but I also had a lot of cheat days, especially when exams came around. Monitoring my macros was not even a thought for me at that time.”



When she began using PumpUp, Danielle would exercise twice a day, with intense training in the morning and low-impact activity in the evening. She is sure to combine the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise and now limits her workouts to one session a day: including a combination of running, biking, skipping, dancing, and/or weight training.  “After PumpUp, I [also] started paying more attention to my macros, making sure to increase my protein intake and eat as clean as possible,” she reveals.


After losing around 25 lbs., Danielle is more confident with her body than ever before because of all of the strength and muscle that she developed in these past few months. Though studying for her MCAT was stressful, it helped to keep her mentally fit while she worked on her physical fitness. “With PumpUp, I’m hoping to finally get that body that I am in awe of,” she beamed. “I’ve had glimpses of my dream body here and there, so I’m super excited for what’s in store for me.” The PumpUp community continues to be inspired by all of Danielle’s outstanding progress, and will be there along her journey to help her have more good days than bad days. “Sometimes when I fall off my exercise routine, I can get pretty down on myself and just feel all around bummy,” conceded Danielle.  “I’m trying to have a more positive mindset and pick myself up a lot faster.” 


Patience is an important virtue for Danielle. She advises those looking to lead a more active lifestyle to be patient with themselves and to ‘trust the process’. “It is often hard to see the progress you’ve made when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror each and every day. However, if you think about how far you’ve come and how far you could be if you just keep going with the fit lifestyle, you then become your own inspiration and you’re unstoppable,” asserted Danielle.  “I struggle with appreciating the steps I’ve made, but I am training my mind to understand and appreciate what my body has done for me thus far. Once you have the correct mindset, the motivation just keeps on coming.”



Danielle’s Tasty Meals 

“My go-to meal is an egg white-n-avocado sandwich. I toast Ezekiel Bread for the sandwich and I add a tablespoon of honey for my sweet tooth. Add some sea salt and red pepper flakes and that’s nice and easy meal. My favorite drink (besides water and tea) is a kale and mango green smoothie. I have these two almost every day.”

Danielle’s Motivational Mantras

My favorite motivational saying is: Believe you can and you’re halfway there. 
Another saying I like is: Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.”

 Danielle’s Favourite Exercise

My forever go-to exercise is running. Running will always be my number one. When I’m not up for a run, I would use my jump rope as backup cardio.”

More about Danielle

“I enjoy sketching and painting. Lately, I haven’t been as active artistically, but that is one of my passions.”


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