It was difficult for PumpUp member Dayanne M. (@sorryday) to adopt healthier eating habits. Her house's pantry rivalled that of a fully-stocked convenience store."I was eating like a 6 year-old in a 22 year-old body, but I had the metabolism of an 80 year-old," she recounted. "I wasn't eating healthy at all." On top of this, Dayanne hardly ever exercised."I didn't see the point of it," she admitted. "Why would anybody run for half an hour, only to get tired? I would have rather watched television all day."  Realizing that her health was spiralling downward because of all the chips, cookies, and juice accessible to her on a daily basis, Dayanne decided to make a change.
She joined the PumpUp community seeking inspiration and a peer-to-peer accountability mechanism. "I'd give up on any workout or diet routine after a week...until I came across PumpUp," she insisted. "Everyone in this community is so kind: I feel no judgement and everyone is so supportive. The PumpUp community is my personal trainer, my nutritionist, and my swole-mate."  A girl who once scorned cardio has made it into her friend. Dayanne finds herself looking forward to exercising at the gym for multi-hour sessions. "I like to push myself beyond my limits," she asserted. "Since I started using PumpUp, I make it a point to work out 5-6 times a week no matter what. Now I'm actually eating fruits and vegetables. I try to fill myself up more with every meal so that I don't gorge on junk food afterward."
Dayanne's journey to self-acceptance
Dayanne's goal upon joining PumpUp was to achieve the body of her dreams. "I can now say that I am bikini season ready," she said happily. "I'm wearing shorts and I don't feel ashamed. I'm running an 8 minute mile and I'm pushing for 7 minutes." In addition to accomplishing these non-scale victories, Dayanne's physical appearance made a palpable difference since she began her journey with PumpUp. "I was 145 lbs pounds and a size 7 when I started last July. I am now 121 pounds and a size 2 or 3," she revealed.
Most importantly, Dayanne overcame some of her deepest insecurities after receiving motivation from other PumpUp members. "I used to hate any article of clothing that revealed a lot of skin—my legs in particular," she shared. "I have more confidence in myself and have more focus. I haven't had a panic attack since I started working out and it's all because of PumpUp's help." It has been a liberating experience for Dayanne. She's no longer consumed by the opinions of others. "I feel so free. Honestly, this app helped a lot with my anxiety," she confessed. "Look at yourself not with shame, but with the strength and courage to move forward as a healthier you. Working out relieved my anxiety. It allowed me to enjoy my life for the first time in a very long time."
 Dayanne's journey to self-acceptance
Dayanne's best advice
If you ever feel sad or upset, don't be sedentary. Go out and get fresh air. Do something active. Don't waste your life indoors. We all start somewhere. Hopefully today will be your start. Image yourself being happy, healthy, and you being the inspiration that somebody needs to live a better lifestyle.
Dayanne's biggest motivator
I'd have to say that it's my mom. She used to run for hours and hours on end. She would run laps around big men working out on the track. She was so fit and flexible. I would always see pictures of her being active... I always wanted to be seen as fit. I always wanted to motivate another person like my mother motivated me. She often reminisces upon how she used to look. I wanted to show her that she doesn't have to be alone in this journey and that she can restart her active lifestyle with me. No one should have to go through anything alone.
Dayanne's journey to self-acceptance
Dayanne's workout routine
I tried the personalized workouts on PumpUp. They are hard but fun! My routine usually consists of 15-20 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes of stretching, followed by weights and machines at the gym. When I'm at home, I find things around the house to lift or lunge with.When I am finished lifting, I do abs. 
I do 4 sets and 25 reps of each of these exercises:
Sit ups, crunches, sprints, burpees, heel touches, elevated scissor kicks, 1 min plank , then a 30 sec. elbow plank, bicycle kicks, leg raises, and toe touches. Do this, and you'll feel amazing afterward.
Dayanne's journey to self-acceptance
Fun fact about Dayanne
 I like to make fashion/makeup videos on YouTube during my spare time. I love fashion just as much as I love working out.
Keep Dayanne pumped! Cheer her on along her journey to self-acceptance. Find her on the PumpUp community @sorryday.
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