What food rules do you follow? It might be time to cut some of them loose. (They might be making you unhealthy). Read on to discover 10 nutrition myths that need to be sent packing!

1. All Fats are Bad Fats

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This is a pervasive myth that we need to stop believing! There are both good and bad fats - so you really should focus on getting the right kind. Good fats (monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats), found in foods such as avocados and olive oil, keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol. Bad fats include the trans and saturated varieties, which are found in butter and margarine. They increase your cholesterol and heart disease risk.

2.Chocolate Causes Acne

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Chocoholics rejoice! Although this nutrition myth has been making its rounds for awhile, there’s actually evidence against it. Yes, a diet rich in sugar and fat can lead to the body producing more sebum, which can cause an inflammatory response that shows up as pimples, but chocolate itself is not directly linked to breakouts.

3. Breakfast Cereal is a Must

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Yes, it’s true that you should start your day with breakfast in order to prevent overeating later, but choosing high-sugar and processed cereals aren’t a good start to your day. Opt instead for energy-packed, healthy foods and whole grains such as oatmeal.

4. Fruit’s Sugar Content is Bad

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Before you eliminate fruit from your diet, bear in mind that most fruits do not have enough sugar to be unhealthy for you. Fructose in fruit varies from that in sweeteners. If your stomach bloats after eating fruit, it could be that you’re fructose-intolerant. You may need to eat fruits with less fructose such as apricots and sweet melons. Be sure to eat fruits separately from a meal, at least half an hour before. This will give them the prime amount of time to digest.  Don’t forget your five daily servings!

5. If You Exercise, You Can Eat Anything You Want

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Not so fast! A regular exercise routine isn’t an 'eat anything you want' free card. If you treat it like that, your gym efforts won’t be enough to burn the calories you’re consuming. Think of your exercise and diet as two scales that need to balance out - one would not work without help from the other!

6. Cut Carbs From Your Diet

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This is one of the most common nutrition myths that people make when wanting to be healthier and/or lose weight. Carbs do not really make you fat. Sure, eating refined carbs such as white bread and doughnuts can lead to health issues. However, good carbs, such as beans and whole grains, provide you with energy and fibre - two hugely important cornerstones of your nutritional journey. There’s a reason runners and athletes “carbo-load” before a big game or race, because good carbs will give them the boost they need to win. Eat like a champion and reach for the whole grain!

7.Good Skin Depends Solely On Skin Care Products

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The food you eat influences the health of your skin! Nutritious foods can keep your skin clear and healthy.  Top picks include blueberries and tomatoes. They're both rich in antioxidants and they keep signs of ageing and sun damage away.

Just as your liver, your brain, and your lungs benefit from a good diet, the skin is another organ that needs nutrients and love - don’t forget to feed it well!

8. Gluten-Free Diets Are Always Healthier

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The truth is that unless you’re suffering from gluten intolerance (like Celiac disease), there are probably no real health 'wins' to be gained if you cut gluten from your diet. In fact, it could be unhealthy because some gluten-free foods lack nutrients and fibre. They also frequently come packed with sugar and unwanted carbs.

9. Adding Less Salt to Meals Cuts Down Your Sodium

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It’s always good to watch how much salt you sprinkle on your steak,but most of the sodium you ingest comes from foods in which salt is used as a preservative. This includes soups or canned vegetables. It’s time to start scrutinizing those food labels for sodium.

10. Eggs Boost Cholesterol

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Although eggs yolks have the most concentrated levels of cholesterol, they are not enough to make a significant change to your cholesterol levels, provided that you eat them in moderation. Besides, eggs are a great source of various nutrients. Lutein, for example, is a compound that maintains eye health by preventing macular degeneration.

By doing away with these nutrition myths, you can score a healthier approach to your diet and achieve more with your weight-loss plan.

About the author

Gwen Lewis is a writer and makeup artist based in Southern California. Because of her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others not just look great but feel great, whether through makeup or her writing. In her free time, she enjoy shopping and pick-up soccer games with her friends.

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