Grab a partner and break out a sweat, together. This couple workout is one that you can do anywhere. There's no gym equipment required. PumpUp member @rachaelgervais and her partner even filmed this couple workout while they were on vacation. Try it out and let us know how it goes. It's important to brace your core throughout all three movements.

Push-Ups with Arm Raises

Each person starts off in a raised plank position. Make sure that your shoulders don't extend past your wrists, and that your spine is straight. Bring yourself down into a tricep pushup, then as you raise yourself back to plank, raise one arm and tap your partner's raised hand. Repeat on the other side.

Wall-Sits and Tricep Dips

Have one partner remain in a wall-sit throughout the entire movement. Your back should be straight against the wall, your arms should extend in front of you, and your legs should make a ninety-degree angle with the ground. Keep your body pressed to the wall.

Have another partner rest his or her hands on the other's quads, facing away from the wall. Your legs should be straight out in front of you. Begin with your arms straight - your chest should be lifted towards the sky. Lower your body until you feel a bend or 'dip' in your arms, then press yourself straight back up.

Decline Sit-Ups with a Squat

One partner should be standing and bracing the other person's legs. The second partner should have is or her legs wrapped around the other person's neck. Begin in an upright position - you should be able to see your partner's face. Keeping your core braced, fall back towards the floor and crunch back up to your starting position. The standing partner will then drop down into a squat and return to your starting position. Repeat.

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