A lot of things that we unconsciously do every day are actually giving us a workout. Okay, well maybe not a full-blown sweaty, lung capacity is compromised kind of workout, but we are burning calories by just doing them! So pat yourself on the back, for being an undercover fitness junkie. Want to know what you are doing daily that’s making you healthier? Read on!

  1. Take the stairs! How many times have we heard this? But seriously taking the stairs for 15 minutes can burn 150 calories, and gives you legs a solid workout.
  2. Grocery shopping for only an hour can get rid of almost 250 calories! Walking up and down those aisles has to do something I guess!
  3. Dusting off shelves and countertops can have you burning 83 calories.
  4. A 30-minute shower gets us moving and getting rid of 135 calories, what a bonus, getting clean and exercising, we’ll take it!
  5. Sign us up for painting a house – 3 hours of painting is a little over 1025 calories. No seriously does anyone need their house painted?
  6. Did you know that we burn calories when sleeping? We can burn over 500 calories when sleeping for 8 hours, lights out people!

  7. Dancing around your house to only 2 songs gets rid of a whopping 80 calories. Now that’s not even work.
  8. Driving for just 30 minutes ranks in with a 62-calorie count.
  9. Cooking for 30 minutes and prepping for you dinner clocks in with 117 calories. Now we can eat more when we sit down for the good part – dinner!
  10. Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes can burn almost 6 calories! Say hello to brushing our teeth more than twice a day, hey, at least our dentists will be happy!

 Let us know any other everyday activities that you do that give you a little workout and burn calories!