For a portion of Anastasia's younger years, she struggled drastic weight fluctuations and body dysmorphia. In middle school, she weighed less than 70 lbs at a height of 5'5". Then, she gained 80 lbs in her recovery phase.  "I was one of two things," she remembered. "At first, I was a girl who struggled with anorexia and bulimia for two years. Next, I was a girl who had gained too much weight after going on a pill I was given for recovery. I was unhappy and I hated my body. That's when I found PumpUp and my life truly began to change." Two months into Anastasia's journey, she had a hard time finding motivation to maintain healthy habits. Members from the PumpUp community helped her to get back on track. "Following key people in the app such as bangerz_10, ky_fit, aspire_to_inspire, and fit_rose...these people all pushed me to do and be better right after I was forced to quit synchronized ice skating, since my weak immune system caused countless health issues," she shared. "I went from eating my feelings away over endless nutella jars and movie marathons to a lifestyle filled with raw fruits and vegetables, and lean protein."

PumpUp's support network was crucial for Anastasia. "For me, the biggest hardship I faced was probably the lack of support I got from my friends and family in the beginning of my fitness journey," she admitted. "Everybody just thought I couldn't do it. Once I started to lose weight, those around me started to ask if I was bingeing again, or they told me to stop starving myself. They just couldn't believe that I was losing weight the healthy way."

Through healthier eating, Anastasia gained more confidence in her body than ever before. "Suddenly my favorite meals became veggie burgers and healthy fruit salads," she revealed. "It truly gave me confidence....the healthier I ate, the better I looked and felt. From 142-147lbs, I finally peaked at 108-114 lbs and I couldn't be happier. I feel so much healthier and stronger and truly know the power of my body. Seeing all the support I get on the app, or having friends coming up to me to say that I look's honestly the best feeling ever. I'm nearing my goals day by day and PumpUp's support has been phenomenal and essential throughout my journey."

Moving forward, Anastasia hopes to assist others along their personal fitness journeys. "I think my 'eureka' moment was when I was asked to do a takeover on the PumpUp Snapchat," she revealed. "It's when I truly realized how close I was to my dream body and how grateful I was to the app for helping me get there. I think I'm still living my Eureka moment as a distributor for a fitness company called Jeunesse, and having recently been asked to become a PumpUp Partner. My life has been a dream and I can't wait to share my happiness and success with as many people as possible."

Anastasia's Current Fitness Struggle
"My knees have a weird condition called "pre-patella bursitis". It's not permanent, but I seem to constantly get it from putting too much pressure on my knees. I was doing fine for a few months, but I recently ran 30 miles in 3 days in December, so I set it off again. I guess for right now my way of dealing with it has been focusing on my upper body so that my knees could rest. Now that they're better, I'm just playing it safe and doing stuff like cycling classes or using high intensity elliptical instead of running. Be smart and safe, but don't fully quit working out due to a small set back."

Anastasia's Greatest Accomplishment
"My greatest accomplishment is finally making healthy living a lifestyle, rather than a hobby or just a "phase". I've been eating healthy on most days, and I've been exercising almost daily for over a year now and it's become so natural. I don't even think of it...that's what I'm most proud of."

What 'Healthy' Means to Anastasia
"To me, being 'healthy' is a lifestyle. It's something that radiates joy and something I feel we can all share with those we love. If you're healthy and happy, you should want to have your friends and family be the same. It's a state of human/ earthly nirvana to me and I'm proud to say I've achieved it."

Anastasia's Fitness Goals
"My future fitness goals involve maintaining my healthy eating habits, and getting lower on body fat so I can redefine my body and show more muscle... nothing too crazy. I'm honestly only months away from my goal body so soon I will just be all about keeping it there and being careful to not go too crazy on my cheat days!"

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