Give the free gift of food-themed Valentine's Cards to a special person this year.  We've put together twelve illustrations that will help you express your true ~feelings~ — whether you're celebrating Valentine's day, Pal-entine's day, Gal-entine's day, or all of the above.

Healthy Food-Themed Valentine's Cards

I carrot stop thinking about you


Be lentil with my heart

I'm blue without you

Lettuce romaine together

My heart skips a beet whenever I see you

You're raisin my heart rate

You make miso happy

I like you cherry much

Where have you bean all my life?

We make the perfect pear

I like you just the whey you are

Peas say you like me too

Valentine's day or not, take some time to remind people that you appreciate them. Loved these healthy food-themed Valentine's cards? Check out our fitness Valentine's cards here. Share some of your best puns in the comments below.