A candy shop isn't the most conducive environment for living a healthy lifestyle. After spending a summer working in a shop that sold sweets and chocolates, PumpUp member @sky97 had trouble curbing her cravings. "I thought, what's the worst that could happen?," she revealed. "By the end of the summer, my friend took a picture of me at the beach and I was shocked to see that I gained extra pounds over the summer." When Skaistė decided to take action against her unwanted weight gain, she resorted to drastic measures. "I tried crazy diets and counted every calorie, but I was uncomfortable with my body and felt like a walking nightmare," she lamented. "At the end of January, my friend (@am23) urged me to try PumpUp because it motivated her. She was 100% right. I signed up for the app and my life changed completely."   Before Skaistė joined the PumpUp community, she led an overwhelmingly sedentary lifestyle. "I played video games on my computer and watched movies or TV to spend my time. I made sure that I had enough snacks that would last me for the whole length of any given TV show," she recounted. Physical education classes were also a struggle. "I hated every single lesson," she said vehemently. "I got tired after 5 minutes of exercising and I thought that I was never meant to be athletic. I'd think that I wasn't worthy, that I wouldn't be able to do anything. When I joined PumpUp, people surrounded me with motivation and positivity. I really wanted to try to make things better. For that, I think that I'm a much more confident person than I was before."

PumpUp member @sky97 went from being out of breath after 100m to running her first ever 10 km. This happened within the span of a few months!


Since she began to track and log her workouts with the app,  Skaistė fell into a routine embraces exercise and healthy eating. "This new regime makes me really happy," she gushed. "Every time I eat healthy food and exercise, I feel like a wonder woman who can do anything!" Skaistė is able to work at the candy shop and resist the cravings that used to overpower her. Though she has cheat days from time to time, she plans ahead to keep everything in control. Skaistė's lifestyle change made an incredible difference in her demeanour. "I've become more extraverted. Since I began to exercise, I made so many friends who don't allow me to relapse into my passive ways."

Though Skaistė used to detest running, support from the PumpUp community really encouraged her to complete her first-ever 10 km run. "I used to feel tired after 5 minutes of imagine me gasping for air after a mere 100 metres," she enthused. "I ran 10 km three times ever since I joined PumpUp! I also went on a leisurely 30 km bicycle trip. Not long ago, it seemed like the biggest challenge in the world. I couldn't have done it without the help of other PumpUp members!" In the future, Skaistė aspires to run a full marathon. She'll be relying on the support of PumpUp to encourage her along the way.


Her best advice for other PumpUp members is to find an enjoyable form of exercise that they can realistically commit to. "Don't like weight lifting? Try Zumba and shake it off!" she counselled. "A passive lifestyle won't benefit your body or your mind. After running a marathon, you'll feel proud and inspired. After a television marathon, you'll exhaust your body and you won't have energy to enjoy life." 

Skaistė's meals

I start my day with greek yogurt and granola or oatmeal with a little bit of peanut butter on top, then after 2 hours I eat a banana/pear/an apple for a snack. I usually carry my lunch box to school filled with vegetables, brown rice and chicken for lunch to fill my stomach before I work out after school. After my workout, I come back home (I cycle to school everyday. 4 kilometres one way and 4 kilometres back) and eat another snack like whole wheat bread with avocado and tomatoes or 2 boiled eggs just to make sure that I have enough protein after a workout. For dinner, I eat salad, fish or lean meat and I always make sure that I go to sleep after 3-4 hours after my last meal.

Biggest motivation

My biggest motivation is Emily Skye who leads a healthy lifestyle and shares her fitness journey with all of her followers on Facebook and other social media platforms. One more person is a Pump Up user: @akvile. She motivates me to stay active all the time even though we both have a lot of studying to do before our exams. If it wasn‘t because of Pump Up, we wouldn‘t have become friends and I really appreciate the way we're able to connect! 

PumpUp member @sky97 went from being out of breath after 100m to running her first ever 10 km. This happened within the span of a few months!

Favourite workout

My favourite workout routine is a full body routine! It‘s a set of exercises for all of the muscle groups and I love it! I start with arms: bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep kick backs (20 reps. 3 times each), I do my back and chest with weights on the bar and lift it behind my back and to my chest. (20 reps. 3 times each). Then I like to do many kinds of crunches for burning that belly fat (I usually do simple crunches and bicycle crunches) and I do them for 200 times each, in total: 400 crunches. After these, I do 2 kind of planks (the basic one and side plank) for 1 minute each and do some stretching for my legs and go with squats, lunge pulses, plié squats and single legged bridges (20 reps. 3 times). Then I finish this killer workout with 20 minutes cardio.

More about Skaistė

When I‘m not working out, I like to spend my time writing poetry or novels. I dream about releasing my poetry book in the near future. I also like cooking, singing, dancing and sometimes I do all of these three in one time, so the view is really fun! I also believe that every member in Pump Up is a wonder because they do wonderful things for their bodies and stronger mind.

PumpUp member @sky97 went from being out of breath after 100m to running her first ever 10 km. This happened within the span of a few months!

Keep Skaistė pumped on the PumpUp community by following her journey: @sky97! Follow her on Snapchat: skaisktem. She regularly posts recipes and shares videos about her workouts on a daily basis!