February 14th is a day full of love and romance. Couples get together, eat chocolate, go out for fancy dinners, and enjoy a wonderful day together. However, there is another side to Valentine’s Day that usually goes unnoticed. Working out with your valentine isn’t just fun, but a great way to stay motivated and challenge each other!

You’ll find yourselves enjoying some healthy competition. Having your companion one step ahead of you is a great way to stay motivated, get stronger, and increase your energy levels. If you don’t believe me, read what other couples have to say. On that note, here are some great activities you and your valentine can do together — don’t be afraid to challenge each other!

Cardio: It’s as simple as going on a run together. There’s no better running partner than the person you care about most. And what better way to spend quality time together than on the run?!

Push-Ups: Gain a competitive edge while working out. See who can do more push-ups. If you feel strong enough, you can even place your partner on your back and get a real burn! Try facing each other and tapping your partner on the shoulder or shaking their hand after each push-up. (Alternatively, a kiss after every push-up will surely push you to do more!)

Medicine Balls: There are tons of great benefits to using medicine balls for strength and conditioning training, and they’re easy to share with a partner. Try playing catch, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, pass the ball after every sit-up or squat!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just sit around and eat chocolate — get physical and make the most out of your day! Follow us on twitter and have a happy Valentine’s Day!