Crazy to think that it’s already December and 2013 is just a few weeks away! Whether you’re finishing up exams or working the 9-5, we all know that New Years is coming up. And sure, maybe it’s not time to jump into a New Years resolution just yet, but think to yourself… why not? Yes, its called a “New Years Resolution,” but why do you have to wait for the melody of “Auld Lang Syne” to start making changes in your life. Let’s start with something small now to give you a kick start.

A very simple way of getting into a routine is stretching. Not only are there significant physical benefits to stretching and staying flexible, but it also keeps you focused and just might get you moving before New Years!

As you may not know, stretching is a bit more then just touching your toes. To implement stretching into a daily routine, find a time that works best for you - whether its in the morning or at night doesn’t really matter.  Here are a couple different types of stretching that you can do.

Here are a few stretches you can try right now! Hold each for 15 seconds:

  1. Hamstring Stretch - Try touching your toes while keeping your legs straight.
  2. Hip Flexor Stretch - Lunge forward with your back knee on the floor and push your hips forward until you feel a stretch.
  3. Shoulder Stretch - Bring one arm across your body and pull it towards your body with the other arm.

Happy December to all and good luck with everything!