New years always bring new beauty fads. To get you prepared for the beauty trends this year, this guide highlights the top beauty trends you’ll be sure to spot on both the red carpet and at office meetings. 2016 will be the year of fresh looks, bold make-up and holistic skincare.

Read on to discover how you can make these trends part of your beauty routine.

1. Natural Skin

Contouring was the big trend last year, but not anymore. People are looking past the obviously fake contoured faces to the fresh and clean faces.

Get ahead of this trend by skipping the hour-long contour routine and focusing on light moisturizer and a bright, natural blush. This will give your skin a nice glow while enhancing your natural features.

2. Colorful Lipsticks

Pair your clean and un-contoured face with loud and vibrant lips. Bright reds, pinks, oranges and purples will be making a big statement this year. Even try matte lipsticks for a unique and exciting look.

3. Braids and Twists

Simple braids and twists are going to be seen often this year. To achieve a pumped-up ponytail, divide your hair into two sections and simply twist them around each other to create this new popular hairstyle.

Or for a fresh take on the classic braid, try braid headbands, which give a regal look.

4. Korean Tips

Korean skincare is known for its effectiveness and beauty. The U.S. is seeing this success and beginning to adopt some of Korea’s beauty ideas and products slowly but surely.

Products using ginseng will start to make an appearance, promising moisturizing and smoothing effects. Also creating a splash are waterless and fermented skincare products, as they increase absorption and potency. These and other Korean-inspired beauty products will be on the rise this year.

5. Plastic Surgery

Some people may want more permanent changes in 2016. Unlike other years, the plastic surgery trend this year is for smaller breasts and bigger butts.

If you think plastic surgery is in the cards for you this year, make sure you do your research and know the facts before committing. The problems you want to fix with surgery may have other solutions, but this can be a great confidence booster. So get educated about plastic surgery before making this big decision.

6. DIY Beauty Products

With the popularity of Pinterest, more and more people are making their own masks, hair products and skincare items. This trend is great because it ensures you’ll know exactly what you are putting on your body and makes the process unique to you.

Using easy-to-find ingredients such as baking soda, aloe vera, coconut oil and honey, making your own products has never been easier. Do a quick online search to find hundreds of recipes to try.

7. Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant-based oils that are taking over the beauty world. This holistic approach to caring for both face and body is a healthy way to clean your skin.

The gentle oils are supposed to be massaged on your skin, creating heat and encouraging the pores to open. This cleans your skin without the need for suds or heavy scrubbing, and it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural composition. 

8. Mindfulness and Meditation

The practice of yoga has been taking over the fitness world for the past few years. People are experiencing the benefits of an exercise that works both the mind and the body and are starting to focus more than ever on exercising their minds. When you practice yoga, the natural glow from the vigorous physical and mental practice gives your body a special glow.

With new coloring books for adults that are meant to relieve stress and promote mindfulness and meditation gatherings that are becoming popular in big cities, being good to your brain is the new best way to stay beautiful this year.

From bold lips to healthy oils, this year will truly be the year of glowing, healthy and revived beauty trends. Use these tips and new ideas to revitalize your beauty regime and make this your healthiest and most beautiful year yet.

About the Author

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