In January 2015, Adeliza's doctor informed her that she was on track to developing colon cancer. "At the age of 24, nobody wants to hear that," she remembered. "I had stomach pains and I wasn't digesting everything properly."From that point onward, Adeliza decided to change her habits for the better. She abandoned her former lifestyle, which consisted of little to no exercise and a diet filled with fried foods. Adeliza began to exercise six days a week and filled her plate with plenty of vegetables and lean protein. While the beginning of Adeliza's journey was tough, she was able to sustain her progress. She decided to join the PumpUp community three months ago to receive an extra boost of motivation. "I love this app because it keeps me motivated and it helps me stay on track," she insisted. "There are amazing people who support me and I love all my followers." All of her hard work paid off. Last month, Adeliza's doctor informed her that she was no longer at risk for developing colon cancer. "Now, I'm properly digesting my foods and I never want to go back to my old ways," she insisted. "I'm so proud of myself."


The PumpUp community helped Adeliza realize the enormity and significance of her transformation. She's down 40 lbs since January 2015. "PumpUp is absolutely amazing," she gushed. "It keeps me in check because I know that a lot of people are looking up to me. I don't want to let them down. My favorite thing to post is my before and after [transformation photos]."

Adeliza's Best Advice

Set little goals. Once you have reached those small goals, proceed on new goals. Never give up and always believe in yourself! Finally, take lots of pictures so that you can compare them later. That's how I stayed motivated!

Adeliza's Biggest Motivation

My motivation would have to be people who have gone from being so unhealthy to being healthy and fit. I makes me think that I can do it, too! Following people who are on the same journey as me [really helps]. My husband is one of my [sources of] motivation when I'm feeling at my worst. He pushes me to get up and continue to reach my goals. He is such a great support system in my life.

I once went on a 3 hr hike on a pure incline, and I was already losing my motivation because I wanted to reach the top but it felt like it wasn't ending.  All the negativity started to get to me. But then I realized that this hike was just the same as my weight loss journey. You have to push through all the obstacles first. When you get to the top, it's plain rewarding. Mind over Matter. You better believe that I made it to the top :)

Adeliza's Favorite Exercise

I love working out my glutes and hammies. When I'm not at the gym, I go on long hikes.

More About Adeliza

I sing in a choir, I'm a full time nurse and I enjoy scrapbooking.

Keep Adeliza pumped! Find her on the app @fitnessjourney09 and leave positive words of encouragement for her below.