Alex’s reason for joining PumpUp was simple: she wanted to find enough motivation to transform her lifestyle into a healthy one. As she began her journey, she wanted to learn from other likeminded individuals who were redefining the way they approached health and fitness. “PumpUp has definitely been a great part of the motivation that I needed to find,” she confessed. “The PumpUp family just amazes me. Everybody motivates each other and I still have yet to encounter a single negative comment.” Since August 2014, Alex has amassed thousands of supporters who constantly cheer her on.

Prior to PumpUp, Alex actually incorporated a considerable amount of activity into her routine. She’d workout four to five times a week—although the only type of exercise that she felt like performing was weightlifting. “I thought I could negate whatever I ate,” she shrugged. “I’d eat whatever I wanted: that includes greasy food, sweets, fast food, soda, you name it! I’d binge on fast food and get stuffed after lifting weights because I ‘deserved’ it. I was so wrong. I’d also skip meals—constantly using the excuse that I was ‘too busy’ to eat.”


Her relationship towards food and exercise became much more balanced, nurturing, and forgiving once she joined the PumpUp community. “I started buying healthy food, stopped drinking soda, started drinking way more water, and stopped skipping meals,” she confirmed. Alex eats every 2-3 hours: 3 meals with snacks in between each of them. “Since I started using PumpUp, I’ve lost over 14 pounds and I feel great,” she exclaimed. Alex diversified her exercise preferences thanks to the encouragement of her biggest supporters. “I fell in love with cardio, whether it’s on the treadmill or on the bicycle, I love it!”

For others learning to love themselves and accept themselves for who they are, Alex stresses the importance of finding motivation and courage from within. “You don’t find confidence when others start to ‘like’ you. You find confidence when you’re comfortable even if others don’t,”  she mused. “Stop caring about what other people think and be happy with who you are. With any change you want to make, be sure that you are doing it for yourself, and not to please others.”


As Alex continues along her journey with the PumpUp community, she hopes to get in the best shape of her life before she leaves for boot camp with the U.S. Navy. “I just enlisted this past January and I want to be in top form,” she offered. “My brother’s also an incredible source of motivation for me. He’s my gym partner and we push each other to try harder every day.”

Alex’s Meals

“My meals mostly consist on skinless chicken breasts or fish like tilapia and tuna. I add mushrooms, broccoli, mashed potatoes or a simple salad. My usual snacks include yogurt, granola bar, a cup of juice, a fruit or whole wheat crackers with Swiss cheese. My favourite snack is going to sound a little weird—but everyone should try it: it’s a banana with a slice of Swiss cheese wrapped around it. It’s SO good! I also love to prepare really simple banana pancakes: just two eggs for every banana and that’s it! Super easy, healthy, and delicious.”


Motivational Mantra

“My favorite motivational saying is “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”. It basically means, throw me into any situation and I will return victorious.”


More about Alex

This summer 2015 I’m going to be graduating college and I’ll finally have my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. After that, on August 2015, I’ll be going to Navy bootcamp and joining the nuclear power school. So excited with everything that’s up ahead!”

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