Food used to be the solution to all of Anna's problems. It was her coping mechanism. "I was always heavier as a child and throughout my high school years," she revealed. "I ate anything and everything whenever I wanted it. I ate when I was bored or stressed [...and] I was a sweet tea addict." Anna hardly ever found the motivation to exercise, either. She spent most of her time sitting down, either at home or at school. In February 2015, Anna was introduced to the PumpUp community. "I wanted some accountability and I found that this app was amazing for that," she remembered. "Nobody actually knows you personally, but you really do feel like you're part of the family once you join." Anna lost 27 lbs since she joined PumpUp, and she did it without ever stepping foot in the gym.  "My motivation is usually found when I look at old pictures [on PumpUp] and see where I started and how far I've come," she shared. "I started simple. I did workouts that I would find on Pinterest or YouTube. Even a 20 minute workout is better than none at all."

No longer a stress eater or a sweet tea addict, Anna now fuels up on wholesome and nutritious meals. She makes sure to have breakfast every single morning, as well as plenty of water, veggies, and healthy snacks throughout the day. "I find that breakfast is a hard meal for me to eat," she mentioned. "I finally found that a smoothie is what works best for me. I try to only have water, but sweet tea still makes an appearance in my day - I just drink it in moderation!"

Anna's Meals

I have smoothies for breakfast and I eat fruit or a granola bar, with water, for a snack in between meals.  I love salads, so they make a great lunch for me. My supper is usually meat with some veggies. 

Anna's Best Advice

My advice to anyone wanting to be fit and healthy: START TODAY! Give up your excuses!There are obstacles and my main ones are mental. I get low and stressed out over the fact that "I'll never look like her". Let me just say... it's not about what others look like! You do you! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't compare!! It's not a fun road to take. I've done it.

Anna's Workouts

My favorite workout is called Pound Rockout Workout.

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