There's more to fitness than that meets the eye. Brenda's journey was about overcoming major mental roadblocks that prevented her from realizing her true potential. "I was depressed and had low self-esteem," she admitted. "Overcoming [that] was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Working out boosted my self-esteem and made me look at life in a different perspective." When Brenda started to adopt healthier habits, she lacked motivation and support. Her workouts and meals lacked variety. "My life before PumpUp was really tedious to be honest," she revealed. "I would eat the same things every day [...and] I didn't know which workouts to do other than run. People around me weren't into fitness and health, so it was very difficult for me to get motivated."

One year ago, Brenda started looking for a community to keep her accountable. "I was watching [a YouTuber named] Joanna Soh," she mentioned. "She was explaining what PumpUp was all about [...and] I was instantly hooked. At that moment, I was convinced that I had found something that would motivate me through my journey."

After Brenda joined PumpUp, she started to gain more confidence in her body. "The workouts that come with PumpUp really helped improve the way my body looks and feels," she shared. "PumpUp is full of helpful people. I did [a greater] variety of workouts other than running." What's more, other members inspired Brenda to adopt a vegan diet. "I always see some ideas on what to eat in a vegan lifestyle," she said. "That gave me the extra push to fully commit to veganism. People have told me that my meal posts motivated them to eat healthier. So that’s something I have accomplished using PumpUp."

Brenda's Best Advice

Do not stress out about working out or eating healthy 24/7. Enjoy and have fun on your journey! Stressing out about what you are going to eat or having the best workout EVERYDAY will not make your journey any easier.  

Brenda's Favorite Workout

What I usually do to stay active on a daily basis is running. Running is my all time favorite workout exercise. It relaxes me and helps my body relive stress.


Fun facts about Brenda

I am in my school’s raider’s team. It is part of the JROTC program which stands for Junior Reserve officers’ training corps. The raiders are similar to the ranger teams in the Army. You work heavily on physical training, rope bridges, survival skills, map and navigation. It’s a very good test of skill and physical limits.

Keep Brenda pumped! Cheer her on and connect with her on PumpUp @bee_123.