It’s funny how life meets us when we work towards our goals: it doesn’t always take shape in the way that we expected. For most of my life,  I had clear ideas and dreams about what I wanted to do, how I wanted to live, and who I wanted to be. I thought they would unfold in a particular way. When I was a teenager, I had 5 possible career trajectories in mind. I intended to become a singer, an actress, an author, a farmer, or a midwife. Those were the top things. I made plans to head to New York City and work as an extra in the acting field, but when I was 16 years old, I flew to visit my big sister who was based in California. She was involved in eurythmy, a movement that opened my eyes.

Eurythmy, the art of movement, was beyond anything I had ever known (and I was a dancer and an athlete in various sports).  There was a singing element, a dramatic element, an ability to tell stories, practical life elements, and a certain recreating of oneself, like new birth. It may sound weird, but that was seriously my experience. My mind was blown. Somehow, eurythmy changed my life and touched so many of my dreams.

How eurythmy changed my life

The teacher made all the difference: she was an inspiring and beautiful woman who commanded everyone’s respect. Her husband is an amazing thinker and philosopher who I respect more than any human being I have ever met. Two months after my visit, I called the school and asked if I could enrol next year. Despite my young age, I was accepted and graduated from high school during my four-year eurythmy training.

I never ever considered being a teacher. Yes, I considered being a performer (which I am, to this day), but never a teacher. Ironically, part of the requirement of my eurythmy training was to successfully complete a three-week practicum teaching kindergarten through eighth grade. In a surprising turn of events, I embraced both eurythmy and pedagogy and have pretty much been teaching ever since.

It is my experience that, though I may not teach in this way my whole life, I have literally had the opportunity to live all of the dreams that I created for myself so many years ago. If I devoted more time to learning another skill set, who knows where I would be. Thanks to that fateful trip to California, I realize that life was wise to send me in this direction first. Children teach so much just by being who they are. I discovered things about myself that I would never have uncovered without standing before them day after day, pushing the limits within myself out and out.

How eurythmy changed my life

It is important to remember that if you do your work, the world can bring the task. Try not to be fearful of the unknown, but embrace the adventure that it brings and the opportunities you will have, in order to become even greater than you are. I remind myself of these things each day, that each healthy choice that I make, each adventure I embrace, each new person I meet, leads me through new doors towards my ultimate goals and dreams of growing into a human being that can truly love and be free.

This post about how 'eurythmy changed my life' was penned by PumpUp member @bodysoulspiritfitness, a teacher and movement artist with a passion for healthy living and adventure. Follow her blog here.