Already a health and fitness enthusiast before PumpUp, Alison was looking for motivation to take her exercise routine to the next level. "I wanted to make sure that I stayed on track with working out, even if I was a little tired," she explained. "Once I started using PumpUp daily, I became more motivated. I would see everybody else getting their workouts done, so it gave me some energy and excitement to [exercise] as well. I love all the food posts on PumpUp. It inspires me to be more creative [with] meal prep and I have seen so many delicious recipes that I want to try." Not long after Alison joined PumpUp in April 2015, she started to research and train for her first-ever bikini competition. "My trainer knew that  I used to be a competitive dancer," she started. "I missed having to work hard for something. [On the day that] I went to watch my first show in June, I knew that it it was something that I wanted to do - 100%." She submitted herself to tireless hours of preparation for September 2015. "On the day of my show, I was so excited to step on stage and show everything that I worked so hard for," she professed. "I felt at home. There was so much support from everybody [who attended]. Inspiring others is an incredible experience, [...and] honestly, everyone in the PumpUp family keeps me motivated."


Alison made an instant connection with the PumpUp community because of her long-standing passion for leading an active lifestyle. "I used to be depressed and got into that state of mind very easily," she recalled. "I gained a lot more self confidence after I started working out. My hard work transformed how I looked on the outside and it [broke down] my shell." Alison is no longer shy or anxious when she finds herself in unfamiliar social settings. "I don't let my anxiety take over - I just go after what I want," she revealed. "Anxiety prevents me from achieving my dreams. I fight it and have slowly been trying out new things."

Because bone disease runs in Alison's family, she's doing everything she can to combat the onset of weak and brittle bones. "My mom has osteoporosis and my sister has osteopenia, so I stay active to fight these conditions," she said. "[Though] genetics will catch up to me eventually, this gives me the opportunity to avoid medication." Though she trains incredibly hard to maintain her physique, exercising doesn't come easy for Alison. "One of my hips is shifted forward, and this causes hip pain, knee pain, and sometimes, foot pain," she added. "I modify exercises so that they do not hurt me, and so that they strengthen the muscles around my problem areas."

Moving forward, Alison only hopes to inspire others on PumpUp. "I want to give back what so many have given to me," she insisted. Alison is most inspired by two particular PumpUp members: @aftrnoondelite8 and @briannajean93. "Stephen (@aftrnoondelite8) is one of my close friends and coworkers," she mentioned. "We occasionally work out together and it is always so much fun. We do goof around sometimes- what should be an hour-long workout turns into a two hour workout. Bri (@briannajean93) is one of my best friends in the entire world and (jokingly) my swolemate. No other gym partner compares. She has been my gym partner since January and is one of the driving forces behind me. She is always pushing herself to improve every workout. Her transformation has been so exciting to see and she plans to start competing in September 2016. She has moved away for a few months but will be back in my area soon. Once she is back we will start training for her competition and I will proudly share the stage with her."

Alison's best advice

Listen to your body- you only have one. Don't push it too hard and strain it. You will have to wait longer for it to heal and you could cause long-term injuries. Try new things - even if you look weird doing it. If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable-  just have fun with it. Never take anything too seriously. You might miss out on the little things. I always laugh at myself at least once during a workout. I laughed at myself the entire time I was trying out Zumba. 

Alison's workout routine

 I adore weightlifting. It has become my safe place. I know that I can go into any gym and feel right at home. If I have had a hard day, I know I can go to the gym, sit in the steam room (if my workout is super rough), and leave feeling incredible. 

I have started getting into more outdoor activities, too. I started hiking and biking when it is not over 85 degrees in the lovely valley of Southern California. I love swimming and I usually try to multitask and read a little bit in between.


More about Alison

I am actually going to school full time in between everything. My first love is helping others. A way that I can mix that with fitness is physical therapy. I am working on my Bachelors right now and in a couple of years, I will be working on my pHD. It is something I have been dreaming about for years so it is nice to finally have the chance to achieve this goal in the near future. 

Keep Alison pumped! Find her on PumpUp and Instagram @fit_lil_beast to keep up with her journey!