"If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you," mused @_gemmalouise, a member who has been engaging with the PumpUp community for encouragement throughout her transformation journey. "I'm so glad that I believed in myself enough to start making a change." Gemma radiates positivity and keeps herself motivated by sharing quotes that inspire her, and by chronicling the results of every workout. "PumpUp makes me feel like I'm not competing with anybody except myself," she insisted. "Never look down on anyone else's journey unless you're helping them up. Build others up, the world has too many critics."  Gemma owes the bulk of her success to high intensity interval training (HIIT), healthy eating, and a humble attitude. "Your transformation will change you in many ways but I love to look back on how far I've come," she added. "It helps me to look forward and encourages me to set new targets." Because Gemma has been believing in herself, she was truly able to March to her dream with confidence and determination. Keep her pumped on the app to encourage her!