Spring is a beautiful time of the year to motivate you to get up and commit to a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with my weight for many years and never genuinely thought that I’d ever have an interest in working out. There was a point where I had lost all my motivation. As a result of comfort eating and my dissatisfaction with life in general, I gained 3 stone.

Ever since I committed to get back on track in January 2014, I haven’t looked back and lost all the weight that I gained. My Spring Into Action goal is to have more defined muscles in my arms and abs. A goal really helps to motivate me, and I have the support of my PumpUp Family and the followers on my fitness page on Facebook. I have achieved all of my dreams and more: after I became a qualified gym and fitness instructor by the end of 2014, I now have an occupation that helps me through both good and bad days.

I created my Facebook page for this exact reason: to help others to achieve any and every fitness goals, be it weight loss, an increase in muscle mass, or motivation to be active. I received on email that I’d love to share with you. It brought tears to my eyes and really evoked the theme of Springing Into Action:

Hi Debbie!

I know you get these mails all the time but I also know you like getting them. I’ve actually wanted to mail you for a long time. I just wanted to say how fantastic is has been to read your posts on a regular basis. I’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety for a long time.

Anxiety has especially been such a big part of my life. I stopped even noticing it for what it was: it became just a fact of everyday life and I just sort of carried it with me. For the last two years, it has been getting a lot worse and I’ve been struggling with irrational bouts of depression. I’ve never really made the mental-physical connection before, crazy as it sounds! I’ve been trying to get fit and eat well just because I figured I could use the exercise, shed a few pounds and tone up a bit.

But since I started reading your posts and really trying my best I’ve found the anxiety and depression is so much easier to deal with, and I get so much joy out of my body now, the fact that I have a fully-functional body that I can do so much with is something I’ve never been grateful for, and now it’s something I appreciate on a daily basis. I want you to know that this is very much because of you. My negative days just keep getting less, I’m getting better at keeping calm. Thank you so much!

This mail cheered me up so much and helped motivate me more to keep at what I am doing! I helped change her life and she in return changed mine.

If anyone had told me over a year ago that I would be helping motivate people and helping them with their problems, I wouldn’t have believed you. I want you all to know that no matter how bad you feel now, you can change your life and in turn, help change other people’s lives.

Everyone should get up and get out in the fresh air, go for a run with your friends, go to the gym, whatever it is that you have to do, just do it, use the ‘spring into action’ theme to get you motivated.

Best of luck,

Debbie x

This is a post written by PumpUp member @debbiemc1232. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.