Soda might be tasty, but it can destroy your eating habits. Before Adriana joined PumpUp, she used to drink three cans of sodas a day. "Soda was my thing," she recalled. "It was really bad. [On top of that], I didn't do any type of exercise. I was 'too lazy' for it - that was always my excuse." The excuses piled on and on to the point where Adriana felt her health deteriorating because of her soda addiction. "I was just out of control," she confessed. "I never watched what I ate or how much of it. I would eat things without caring about how greasy they were or how many calories they contained." Enough was enough. Five months ago, Adriana became a member of the PumpUp community to get back on track. "My health mattered to me and I needed to stop making excuses," she shared. "I needed to do something about it. I was browsing [health and fitness] apps to see which one was the best for me, and that's when I found PumpUp. It's by far the best decision that I've ever made. I love it." Adriana started her journey as a pure beginner: she hardly had any knowledge about healthy eating and didn't know where to start. "The people who use PumpUp are so incredible," she shared. "Anybody can get on PumpUp and find so many motivational posts. I saw the success stories [on the PumpUp Blog] and I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle and be one of those success stories. Now, with the motivation on the app, my eating habits have become much more healthy."

Rather than letting excuses get the best of her, Adriana now makes an effort to exercise almost every single day. Her soda addiction no longer consumes her because she nourishes her body with balanced meals. Adriana started out at 207 lbs when she joined PumpUp in March 2015 and has since gone down to 180 lbs. "My body is showing it," she revealed. "If someone were to tell me five months ago that I would undergo a positive change, I wouldn't have believed them. I cannot believe how far I've come. I feel so proud of myself and I feel so emotional. My journey hasn't simply allowed me to be healthier, but most importantly, it taught me to love myself no matter what."

Moving forward, Adriana hopes to leverage the motivation that she receives from PumpUp to her advantage. "I want to train my body to endure things it couldn't before," she elaborated. "The positive motivation I see on PumpUp has motivated my weight loss journey, but it doesn't stop there. There's still more to be worked on."

Adriana's best advice

Don't lose your motivation. Whatever happens remember that a healthier you, is a stronger you. Work for the changes you want. If you fail do not stop get up and start again. Do not stop no matter how hard it gets. Love yourself enough to make good positive changes and all your hard work will pay off.

Adriana's biggest source of motivation

I believe that one's motivation comes from another person who has been in their shoes before. Someone who is after the same goal. I feel that the whole PumpUp community is after the same goal. That is where I get my motivation from. From the people who changed what they did not like. From the people who worked for it.

More about Adriana

I love hiking. It's my new hobby and I plan to hike as many trails as I can.

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