When Justine was younger, her fast metabolism tricked her into believing that she could eat to her heart's content— without any repercussions. "I never worked out a day in my life and I ate bad foods all the time," she recalled. "I was a tiny person. I could eat anything and I never gained a pound, so I just figured that I didn't have to work out and eat healthy." Walking was Justine's sole form of exercise. After Justine became a mother of three, she realized that her metabolism wasn't as fast as it used to be. "I really started using PumpUp around March 2015 because I gained a lot of weight after I had my children, I didn't lead a very healthy lifestyle, and I didn't feel good about myself any more," she revealed. "I needed to change my lifestyle not only for myself, but for my children." 

With motivation from the PumpUp community, Justine lost 35 pounds in 7 short months. She committed to a lifestyle change. "If it wasn't for PumpUp and everyone on it, I wouldn't have [had] the motivation to keep going," she insisted. "I lost 35 pounds by watching other people succeed, from working out, and eating right. I wouldn't be where I am with my weight loss if it wasn't for PumpUp and everyone doing what they do. PumpUp is an amazing app with an amazing amount of people who support you."

Justine's habits completely pivoted. She has more energy than ever, she eats more nutritionally-balanced meals, and she exercises on a regular basis. "Cutting out pop was a hard one for me," she shared. "But switching to water has made such a difference in my weight loss and my energy. I now prefer fruit over chips and I eat vegetables all the time. I used to never touch my vegetables (except corn, but that doesn't even really count)."

As Justine continues her journey on PumpUp, she hopes to remain as healthy as possible for her children. "I want to be active so [that] I can do things with them and have the energy to keep up with them," she said. "I want them to look up to me and see how far I have come with [my progress]. I want the best for my children, and giving them a healthy active lifestyle is a start." She wants to serve as a role model for anybody who tends to doubt themselves when it comes to weight loss and healthy living.  "Over the last 4 years, I doubted myself so much and I gave up every single time," she shared. "7 months ago, I put my foot down, I told myself that I was doing this. It wasn't going to happen on its own."

Justine demonstrates that it's okay to encounter setbacks from time to time. With enough commitment, anybody can and will achieve their goals. "I've had people tell me that I inspired them and that I am the reason they have started their journey," she gushed. "It truly is inspiring to me. I am so happy that I can push people to better themselves. If I am able to do this and take care of a home and 3 children, then anyone [can too]!"

Justine's Meals

I eat a lot of lean pork, chicken, turkey, and ground pork. I try to only have red meat about once a week. I cut out potatoes. Broccoli is now my favorite. I would never used to eat oatmeal, but now I eat it for breakfast or even for a snack. 

Justine's Exercise Routine

I walk or run at least once a day. When I run, I can't stop. I have to keep going until I get back home. If I run 5k, then I have to run 5k back home. There's no stopping or giving up. Depending on what I feel like doing or if I have to bring the kids with me, I do at-home workouts, I just started 21 day fix (an amazing workout [program]), I've been doing 30 day squat challenges and the 28 day love handle challenge. I also have a jump rope and I will run up and down my stairs to get me going. I used to go to the gym, but being a mom of 3 and having a fiancé who is always working, it was hard to find the time. I do PumpUp workouts sometimes, but I go on mostly to see others' posts. 

Justine's Best Advice

You could mess up, miss a workout, and feel like nothing is changing. Always remember that tomorrow is a new day for change. No matter what happens, always remember why you started and never let anything or anybody force you to give up on yourself. It takes time to get on track and get where you want to be. I promise you that if you keep at it, one day you will be proud and you will be saying, "I finally did it". I have come to realize that no matter your size, you should always choose to live a healthy lifestyle. It isn't about your size.  It's about being healthy, feeling confident and being full of energy.

More about Justine

I am a young mother of 3. I have 3 beautiful daughters, and a loving fiancé who supports me in my journey. My two eldest (2 and 4) love to do my workouts with me. If I didn't have my kids with me, this journey wouldn't be happening. My biggest thing is inspiring others to start their healthy / active lifestyle too.

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