Tired, sedentary, unemployed and depressed: these are words that described Kamaile before she committed to a healthy lifestyle. "I was eating mostly fast food twice a day," she recalled. "I didn't have a job, [...] I never exercised and never had any energy. I had undiagnosed anxiety and felt depressed." Kamaile was so overwhelmed by sadness and lethargy that she hardly ever left her home. As an emotional eater, Kamaile's mental health tendered an intimate connection with her physical health. "My husband worked nights, so it messed up our metabolisms," she elaborated. "I had a large fry and a large coke at every meal."  When Kamaile joined the PumpUp community in January 2015, she found a renewed sense of purpose. "I am no longer an emotional eater," she shared. "I now eat to fuel my body! I give myself a cheat meal here and there, but I never let it get as bad as it used to be. PumpUp has changed my life." Kamaile is now happily employed as a receptionist at the gym and has a constant stream of online and offline support for her health and fitness journey. "The gym is a very positive environment and I love it!" she nodded. "I [also] became addicted [to PumpUp] instantly. I love the people in this community. They are overwhelmingly welcoming and helpful!"

Small changes helped Kamaile to make a big lifestyle transition. She incorporates more protein in her diet in order to subdue sugar cravings and stave off emotional eating triggers. "I eat a protein bar or drink a protein shake within 15-30 minutes of rising, I [no longer] use sugar in my coffee, I never drink Coke anymore and I drink tons of water," she said happily. "I'm also tracking my macros now, which [PumpUp member] @lord_swoldemort helped me with. [When I began to eat healthier], I used to count calories but found that I wasn't eating enough. Now, I focus on getting energy from proper macronutrients." In the middle of her work shift, Kamaile attends a group exercise class that involves weights and resistance training. "I give it my all and I don't slack during my workout," she insisted, "You are only cheating yourself if you don't give 100% every time." What's more, Kamaile developed more consistent sleeping patterns. "I go to bed at 8:00 pm. I used to stay up all night, but sleep is my new best friend," she expressed. "Your body needs the time to recover. You will see better results by getting enough daily rest."

Kamaile's progress didn't happen overnight, nor was it achieved with the click of a button. She began slowly, and introduced new habits to her regime every week. "You will be more likely to stick to a routine when changes don't occur all at once," she said. "You should [slowly] incorporate healthy habits into your daily life." Since Kamaile changed her lifestyle, she dropped three clothing sizes and went from 150 lbs to 130 lbs. She no longer measures her progress with the scale. Kamaile focuses on how she feels, both mentally and physically. "My goal with PumpUp is to reach 125 lbs," she added. "But more importantly, [my goal is] to lose body fat and to gain muscle. The number on the scale doesn't really matter to me, as long as I feel great and look awesome in a bikini at any time of the year." 

Kamaile's 4-week plan to living a healthy lifestyle

Week 1- Only focus on drinking your recommend amount of water, no more sodas.

Week 2- Track your daily diet and learn from it. Figure out what your body needs and try substituting healthier options when choosing meals. 

Week 3-Exercise 3 days a week for 60 min. Go walking, ride your bike, do workouts on YouTube, etc. 

Week 4- Make small obtainable goals frequently; example: No cheat meals for 13 days. Reward yourself, not with food but with something fitness related.

Kamaile's biggest motivation

My biggest motivation are my 'before' photos. I am constantly taking pictures of my body week to week.  It shows my improvements even when I can't see them when I look in the mirror. They remind me of how I felt at that time in my life and I never want to be in that mind set again. 

Kamaile's exercise routine

I started a workout routine at the gym that I work at. It became consistent on June 4 2015. I do an upper body day, lower body day and 2 cardio days. I usually try to include something fun on the weekends like swimming or walking a lot. I really like doing deadlifts with either the barbell or Kettlebells! 

Fun fact about Kamaile

I am Hawaiian, Japanese, Scandinavian, Portuguese, and a whole bunch of other stuff you probably wouldn't be able to guess by looking at me!

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