As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than the destination itself. Though Kellie's fitness journey began prior to joining PumpUp, she didn't have anybody to share her triumphs and challenges with. "I was at that point where I kind of felt lonely," lamented Kellie. "No one in my circle of family and friends understood why I was doing what I was doing. At times, they were negative." Though Kellie did receive motivation from Instagram, she was dismayed that it wasn't a platform that was specifically tailored to fitness. "I really wanted an app that I could join for fitness," she shared. "I wanted to be able to get ideas about health and fitness from a community that includes young and old, male and female [members] from many countries. [Most importantly], I wanted an app that catered to the everyday person rather than the personal trainers and fitness models that I followed on Instagram." Kellie wanted to be able to meet people who could understand her fitness journey on a more personal level. "The PumpUp community was supportive from day one," she admitted. "I have never felt so welcomed and supported [as I have been] through PumpUp." 

Before Kellie joined PumpUp, she maintained a modestly healthy lifestyle. She ate three nourishing meals a day with a few snacks in between, removed bread and pasta from her diet, and ate vegetables when she could.  Her flexible, full-time job as a lecturer made it easy for her to work out at the gym for at least five days a week. "I can work from home for half of the week, and hours are not a set 9-5 schedule," she elaborated. "I was what I refer to as a 'Cardio Junkie'. I did some weights, but was afraid to get big. I also added sugar to my tea and coffee."

After Kellie joined the PumpUp community, she started to eat 6 meals a day,overcame her fear of resistance training, cut out added sugar from her diet, and directed more attention and care towards her overall wellbeing. "I have become more conscious and informed about what to eat before and after my workouts," she offered. For example, Kellie adds more protein to her meals and consumes most of her carbohydrates before she works out. "My [routine] has changed to the point where I'm now a 'weightlifting junkie'. I hate cardio, but will do it 3 times a week. I lift weights about 6 days a week," she added.  "I made these changes after seeing what others do on PumpUp, and after learning from the advice that they give to get their results. I have learnt that it is okay to have muscles. In fact, I love the amount of people on PumpUp who are a lot like me in their everyday lives. They've made weights and clean, organic eating a part of their fitness journey." 


When Kellie joined PumpUp, she wanted to gain positive affirmation for her progress. She wanted to be kept accountable for the goals that she set for herself and shared with others, and she needed support for whenever she hit a plateau. "What I didn't expect was to have a family and community that lifts you up when you are feeling down," she underlined. "I didn't expect to hear from people who don't mind sharing little more about their struggles, to get recipes for amazing food, and to be laughing with the PumpUp family. [Other community members] make it a point to keep us laughing."

Evidently, positivity is an important value that Kellie holds dear to her heart. Enduring negative feedback from close family members and friends proved to be one of her most formidable obstacles.  "This hurt a lot and I had moments where I would go home and cry," she admitted. "I dealt with this by confronting my sister and discussing how her comments were hurtful. I didn't understand why she was acting badly towards me. We got through it, but the timing has never been right to have the same discussion with other people." Now, when Kellie interacts with others who don't necessarily understand her lifestyle, she is more flexible with her eating. "I don't stress over instances where I may have to eat food that isn't as healthy as I'd like it to be," she advised. "I show those friends that I can eat treats while maintaining a healthy lifestyle." 

Kellie's Best Advice

There are always ways to add exercise to your lifestyle and there shouldn’t be too many excuses to not be active. Getting started and getting into a routine is the hardest part, but once you see results this will be what keeps you going. So set reasonable goals (no matter how small) and work towards achieving those and setting new ones each time you achieve. Above all, take ownership of your fitness journey, it’s your journey and no one can make you do it, you have to want to do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

Kellie's Biggest Motivation

My biggest motivation outside of PumpUp is my mum. She is 63 and has been a gym instructor for 20 years. She started late in her desire to teach classes and be involved in the gym. Up until 2 years ago she was teaching up to 8 classes a week (Spin, Pump, Body Combat, etc). She maintains a very healthy lifestyle and she has inspired me to be healthier and to enjoy cooking healthy meals, both of us sharing recipes we find that are clean. She even makes me protein balls that she is always trying to perfect (I don’t mind being her taste tester). Because of her fitness and health, she was saved from possible confinement to a wheelchair after a near-fatal motorbike accident while she was on holiday in Malaysia. A two week vacation turned into a month long hospital stay with spinal injuries and surgery. I helped to nurse her back to health and she gave it 110% to get back her movement and strength in her muscles. She is now back teaching up to 4 classes a week and looks great.

Kellie's workout routine

I have logging my workouts on PumpUp every day. I prefer to do my workouts based on a collection of lots of information from various websites on weight training and HIIT cardio, but often incorporate what others are doing on PumpUp. So if I see that someone has had great success with abs I like to ask advice and get a reply that I’ll incorporate. If I’m struggling with training certain muscle groups I will often post a question about it and get feedback. I follow a pattern that is a four day cycle: Day 1 shoulders, triceps, light abs, cardio; Day 2 glutes, hammies and weighted abs; Day 3 back, biceps, light abs, cardio; Day 4 legs and weighted abs.

More about Kellie

I have a bachelors and a masters degree and currently trying to complete a PhD. I'm a lecturer. 

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