Healthy eating and regular exercise were hardly priorities for Makayla.  "I ate what I wanted and when I wanted it," she remembered. "Fast food, chips, pizza, candy, etc. I would nap or watch TV on the couch all day." Makayla barely drank water and munched on processed snacks all day, rather than eating real meals. "I was never actually full," she admitted. Seven months ago, Makayla joined the PumpUp community because she wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle. "I was at the highest weight I've ever been: 209 lbs," she recalled. "I wasn't happy with that number and I definitely wanted to make a change. I found PumpUp through Instagram. I was looking for more ways to get motivated and it has changed my life since!"

With the help of the PumpUp community, Makayla made a dramatic lifestyle change. She cut out fast food and soda from her diet, exercises for at least an hour a day, and keeps her fridge stocked with fresh and wholesome foods. "Since joining PumpUp, I've lost 36 lbs and [made] my health as one of my top priorities," she revealed. "I cook my own food and I have no excuse to eat out. Fruit and veggie smoothies, water, green tea, nuts, oatmeal, salmon, chicken, energy bars, and natural peanut butter are all staples in my diet." Though Makayla does indulge in the occasional scoop of ice cream or pizza slice, she makes sure that her cravings never get the best of her. "I find that when I indulge on a craving here and there, I don't binge [on food] the whole day," she said.

Makayla's Best Advice

Focus on living a healthy life. True health is measured by what you are capable of, and not what you look like. Staying positive throughout this lifestyle is so important, your attitude determines your altitude (like my PumpUp biography says), so love yourself and do not compare your lifestyle to anyone else.


Makayla's Workouts

I am currently doing an 8 week fat loss plan by Fitness Blender, using workout videos on YouTube and doing different training styles, such as HIIT, Pilates, weight training, plyometrics, low impact cardio, jump roping and body weight exercises. I've started this program a few times but never finished through. I'm happy to say I'm almost done with it!

More about Makayla I live in Seattle, I played soccer throughout elementary school, I am half African-american and half Samoan and I hate chocolate!

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