Many people adopt healthier habits with a plan of action and an indomitable drive to succeed. But what if your motivation dissipates over time? This happened to Monica, a PumpUp member who hit a plateau after losing 15 lbs. "I began my journey [back] in 2012, but it was a slow process," she said. "The only problem was that I didn't know anything about nutrition. I ate what I thought was healthy, and of course I was wrong sometimes." Monica's motivation to stay healthy began to fade away. "Time passed and my motivation [disappeared] because the people around me didn't care much about their health," she shared. "That's when I found PumpUp. I needed to meet people who shared the same interests as me; people who understand how difficult and fun it is to stay healthy, regardless of their circumstances."

To achieve her personal nutrition goals, Monica tirelessly poured over informative books and blogs. She revived her depleted motivation and noticed positive changes in her body and her mood. Although Monica used to surrender to constant junk food cravings, PumpUp inspired her to opt for healthy alternatives. "I love food and it is hard to say no to a donut or a slice of pizza," she confessed. "I replace junk food with healthier options. For example, instead of grabbing candy, I find juicy and ripe fruit to snack on."

When Monica feels like her depleted motivation has hit an all-time low, the PumpUp fitness community is there to cheer her on. "PumpUp has mainly helped me to continue my journey with the same discipline and motivation that I started with," she shared. "Seeing everybody uploading their photos every day inspires me to strive for more. I realize that I am not alone in this process of change."  Monica encourages others to fall in love with healthy living by being creative with their workouts, recipes, and activities. She stays motivated by constantly changing things up.  "I think of PumpUp as a friend: every time I need motivation or if I simply want to inspire myself to keep going, I turn to PumpUp," she admitted. "PumpUp is like a big family formed by people with the same goals. Being surrounded by all of them encourages me to work harder to achieve my own goals." 

Monica's biggest motivation

I'm always looking to be the best version of myself. I am my biggest motivation because I want my body and mind to be in the best possible condition so I can enjoy life fully.

Monica's workout routine

I am always trying different activities. Right now, I am doing Crossfit from Monday to Friday, but I like to go hiking once in a while, go for a swim or simply go to for a run on the beach. A few months ago, I was taking spinning classes. I like to change my activities from time to time so I don't get bored and quit.

More about Monica

I am 20 years old and I am from Mexico. I am studying Industrial Engineering. One of my biggest dreams is to have my own fitness center and help people to achieve their fitness goals.

Keep Monica pumped! Cheer her on and share positive and encouraging words of support for her in the comments below! Find Monica on PumpUp @mds11.