Like a car without battery juice, Karishma's fitness journey was at a standstill. She sought a way to jump start her progress with a boost of energy and motivation. Over a year ago, she joined the PumpUp community and hasn't looked back since.  "After seeing a few posts about it on Instagram, I thought I'd check the app out," she explained. "I loved it straight away! I found it so easy to use and became acquainted with different workouts that I hadn't thought of before. I was already interested in having a healthy and fit lifestyle."


Prior to her journey with PumpUp, Karishma was still maintaining a regular routine at the gym but neglected to see much progress from her frequent visits. "I wasn't the healthiest, and nothing in comparison to how [healthy] I am now," she admitted. "An average day consisted of me waking up early, having a good 60-90 minute workout, coming home, eating, then going to work." Her routine was consistent and cyclical. She was doing a great job maintaining this workout schedule until a new job derailed her plans. "I ended up putting on weight at my new job," she recounted. "Then, I got motivation and worked it all off."
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Karishma is sticking to a healthy lifestyle for good thanks to the constant motivation that she receives from the PumpUp community. Since she joined the app, Karishma's much more comfortable wearing certain outfits, exercises more consistently and makes more balanced eating choices than ever before. "I've never had such a healthy lifestyle," she professed. "My routine varies now, because I'm attending university. Being away from home has made me healthier, as my family doesn't adhere to the same lifestyle as I do. I usually go to the gym before or after classes and always go on my days off. Using PumpUp inspires me. I just hope that I can inspire a few other people, as well as learn from others." 


Severe shin splints hindered Karishma from running as much as she used to over the course of her journey. "It's just not worth the pain," she said regretfully. "The pain does affect other areas of my lower legs, so I'm going to a physiotherapist soon. This should help deal with whatever problem I may have." Further, like most university students, Karishma admitted to having phases of very irregular sleeping patterns. This is another challenge that she's learned to overcome after committing to a healthy lifestyle.  "On some nights, I don't sleep until 5 a.m., or just have one hour's worth of sleep," she lamented. "It's horrible. I've tried everything to help. Nothing but sleeping aids help." 
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She advises that others looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle should eat well, train hard, and progress will come thereafter. "However small the progress is, it's still something," she counselled. "Everyone struggles sometimes, but it's important to maintain that focus and to slowly reach that goal." She creates smaller benchmarks towards every big goal that she sets for herself. This helps her to feel like she has achieved more, and helps to keep her motivated. "My biggest motivation is seeing other people who have goals that I wish to achieve," she mentioned. "It makes me work that much harder. I definitely see many people on PumpUp whom I admire." 
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Karishma's meals
"Breakfast - porridge with strawberries and a cranberry green tea. Lunch - Scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Dinner (currently) - a red onion and goats cheese tart, with roasted sweet potatoes (slightly salted and peppered), a variety of boiled vegetables and grilled asparagus. Snacks - carrots with sweet chilli hummus or a fruit filled smoothie."


Motivational Mantra
"Giving up is always an option, its whether you make it your choice that counts."


Favourite workout
"Don't have a favourite workout, never have! Anything that makes me sweat makes me happy."


Karishma PumpUp


More about Karishma
"I study Optometry at Cardiff University in Wales and I have wanted to be an Optometrist/Optician for 6 years!"


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