Most weight loss journeys are the sum of small and gradual changes that happen over a few months — even years. Shelby's transformation was no different. Before she decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle, Shelby ate more 'junk' food than her body could manage. Her health began to spiral out of control. "I would wake up and have sugary pancakes before school," she recalled. "Then, I'd come home and have a bag of chips, an can of soda, and a candy bar— every single day. I ate even more than my father did." At the age of 14, Shelby weighed 210 lbs. She binged on processed food and hardly did any physical activity. "The only exercise I got was walking to the fridge," she said solemnly.

Five months ago, Shelby downloaded PumpUp because she wanted to change her circumstances. She was looking for a source of inspiration so that she could fully commit to a lifestyle change rather than a temporary 'quick fix'. "Inspiration is exactly what I got," she insisted. "Since[I began my journey] with PumpUp, I've lost 60 lbs and I'm feeling better than ever!" Rather than reverting back to her old habits, Shelby slowly learned the principles of moderation and healthy eating from other PumpUp members. She's no longer as sedentary as she used to be and she strives to incorporate a bit of exercise into her daily routine. In addition to PumpUp, Shelby uses a variety of health and fitness apps to stay on track. "Every day, I have 3 healthy meals and I do 30 minutes of cardio. I've been doing some ab exercises as well," she shared.

In an attempt to achieve her goals, Shelby created custom PumpUp workouts for herself.  "I love this app and I always do workouts from PumpUp a few times a week," she said excitedly. "I went from a size extra large...sometimes extra extra large, to a medium/large! I'm fitting into a size 10 now. I started at a 16! Never ever thought this day would come." Moving forward, Shelby aspires to gain more physical strength and will be looking to the PumpUp community for extra support along the way.

Favourite Snack

Chobani Greek Yogurt - The salted caramel crunch flavor

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