It was Simon's ambition to run five kilometres without stopping. Though Simon already enlisted the help of a Couch to 5K program, he also needed some encouragement along the way. "I looked for a fitness app to give me tips and found PumpUp," he shared. "The likes and comments give you a great feeling of achievement, which gives you the encouragement to carry on."   Prior to PumpUp, Simon hardly walked anywhere. As a plumber, his only form of physical activity came from his job. On most evenings, you could find him drinking lots of alcohol and eating fast food. "Exercise was non-existent and I would take a taxi to go to a pub rather than walk," he remembered. "My food was quick and easy, or takeout - [usually] Indian or pizza. My breakfast would be an egg and bacon breakfast roll or English breakfast in a café."

With the support of his friends on PumpUp, Simon reformed his eating and exercise habits. He drinks over 2 litres of water a day, walks to and from more destinations than ever before, and he even goes for jogs up to 5 times a week. "I now eat breakfast before leaving home, I snack on bananas, I make a healthy sandwich for lunch, and I cook my own dinners," he said proudly.

Simon already lost 3 1/2 stone (49 pounds) because of these changes. Moving forward, he hopes to glean more inspiration from other PumpUp members. "With PumpUp, I'm now much fitter and I enjoy encouraging others on their journey," he admitted. "I got adopted as a dad by some of my followers on PumpUp, who now call me Papa Plumb so I changed my name on PumpUp to PapaPlumb. My followers who comment on my posts give me the motivation to keep pushing for my goal."

Simon's Best Advice

Start slowly don't try to do things too quick. Results take time. Get past the first hard 4 weeks then it becomes easier and more of a routine. Don't feel bad if you make a mistake. There's always tomorrow, so don't give up. Take pictures so you can see your journey of transformation.

Simon's Biggest Motivation

My daughter started the Couch to 5K plan so I took up the challenge to encourage her. Many [PumpUp members] who I follow motivate me to keep going when I see their transformations.

Simon's workout routine

I do more walking for short journeys rather than taking a car. My main exercise is running. I now do around 5K in 30 mins. I have just started to do some sit ups and push ups to tone up my stomach.

More about Simon

I like going out and socialising. My partner and I now take regular holidays after both divorcing  from our spouses. We now have decided that life is for enjoying. I'm currently on holiday now in Gran Canaria. I now get up on a pole in a bar and swing around it like I'm pole dancing :-) It's something that I would never have done when I was my heaviest weight 19st 2lbs. I'm currently 15st 10lbs.

Keep Simon pumped! Find him on PumpUp @papaplumb and leave positive words of encouragement for him in the comments below.